First 6months with my 2 babies

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

When you string together small yet significant moments daily, you get an incredible journey. This journey we call life. April is a milestone for my tiny family of four - I still can't believe its been 6months since Tiffany came along :)

Forgive me if I'm making multiple grammatical errors or not writing coherently; I'm extremely tired right now but I know if I procrastinate any longer I'm going to regret not recording these little moments down 

Motherhood really forces you to dig deep inside to find the strength that you never knew you had. But that moment your baby laughs/hugs/smiles at you - that is the most amazing feeling ever :)

That moment when Kayla refused to nap and just wanted me to snuggle with her 

That moment when Kayla was sooo beyond excited to see bubbles she couldn't stop jumping around and screaming in excitement haha

The day we got our new bouncer and were so excited to let Tiffany try sitting in it 

The moment Kayla recognised the bouncer as "meimei chair"

 From then on my grandma was tasked with watching after Tiffany for short periods of time everyday haha

On this day Kayla stood in front of Baskin Robbins, closed her eyes and prayed to Jesus for an ice cream cone - and her prayer was answered haha

The day Tiffany had her first taste of semi-solids - pureed potato and carrot with milk!

Kayla's playdoh phase

And then her cooking phase

And now her doctor phase haha

The day papa suddenly came over to pick us after Kayla's class and we had a mini family outing

The first time we were early for Kayla's class haha

The day Kayla's dressed up as a policeman for occupation day at school!

The moment we realise Tiffany looks like Tsum Tsum Pooh! 

Working on sticker books together everyday ~

The moment I thought my baby girl looks so grown up

The moment I realised Tiffany could no longer fit into her swaddle ~

Now Tiffany can hold her head up and roll around with no problem at all hehe

The day Toby kissed Kayla haha

Kayla taking care of meimei everyday!

Children are truly a gift from God, they taught me to love in a way I never thought I could. My life has become so much better (even though its way more crazy) after having both of them. After having kids I realised that even being able to live with your babies while having to work is a luxury; and I'm so thankful that I'm able to spend a huge part of my life with them, watching them learn and grow each day :)


  1. How true... you have said it all :)

    " Motherhood really forces you to dig deep inside to find the strength that you never knew you had. But that moment your baby laughs/hugs/smiles at you - that is the most amazing feeling ever :) "


  2. Nice sharing, pretty mama...
    Although we cannot stop time, we can slow down our days and learn how to treasure the precious moments we have with our children.


  3. This post brings back so much precious memory of mine too!!

    YES... Take the time to really notice your children while they are still with you. Cherish every stage of childhood. Be conscious of the dimples that appear when your baby smiles at you, or how your preschooler’s hand feels in yours, the funny faces your child makes when they are concentrating, or how your teenage daughter looks when talking animatedly about her day.Treasure the moments you have together – as much as possible put aside distraction and simply enjoy what you are doing together in the moment.


  4. Children have a gift for joyfully living in the moment. Watch and learn from them, then join them and do the same.


  5. Your post reflects exactly the reason I’ve recently made the decision to cease my business and be a stay at home mum. The time I spent on my business, thinking about my business and worrying about my business was time taken away from fully focussing on my son and I hated it. I do have to remind myself often to focus on the present but I with the change this will start to become easier.


  6. This is such a lovely post. It actually almost made me cry … yes, I do wish I could freeze moments in time with my children! I feel like I turned my back for a moment and when I turned around again my daughter wasn’t a little girl anymore. Time seems to expands and contract when you’re a mother, doesn’t it? some days seem to go on forever but on the other hand, years pass by in the blink of an eye. We’re so lucky we live in the era we do so we can document our memories with photos and videos. I like your sharing in writing down the funny and insightful things about your children.... However, most of us always think at the time that we’re going to remember them forever, but life is busy and if we don’t write them down we do forget, don’t we, despite or best intentions!



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