5 Things Every Beagle Puppy Should Have

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Hi guys! As you all know, we've got a new beagle puppy at home - Toby

Owning a beagle has been a really fun yet crazy experience because he's so different from other dogs I've raised before. Training has been a struggle, but he's improved a lot since day one - he's 6months old now! Beagles are a lot more active than what I'd imagine them to be, he's like a ball of energy exploding through the house whenever he gets really excited (which is pretty often haha). 

So anyway, was super happy when I received an email from kohepets expressing an interest in gifting me some products! (I've been their customer for a pretty long time hehe) The timing's so apt since I was hoping to do up a post for new beagle owners like myself (: 
Hope this will be helpful!

5 Things Every Beagle Puppy Should Have 
(To make your life easier)

1. A puppy gate/barrier
Beagle puppies are hyper, destructive and very stubborn. Whenever Toby has access to the entire house he literally goes at everything! He's a master escape artist as well, we fenced up the outdoor area but he still managed to squeeze his way through and aim for the gate heh. It's super tiring having to chase after him all the time because he keeps finding ways to breakthrough the mesh barriers. In the end we had to use a metal wire mesh to seal up the fence to prevent him from running away. 

For some strange reason though, he respects this barrier? Its amazing, we've had it up for about a week now and he hasn't tried to break through this even though he can easily jump over or push through it! 

I have 2 babies at home, so I use this to separate him from the kids when it's not time to play together. I love this soooooo much! And the sides are actually velcro, so you can easily remove/replace it whenever you want (: 

2. Anti Slip Dog Bowl
Before this, I went through 5 different bowls with Toby 

If you're wondering why I went through so many bowls with him in a short span of 3 months, its because Toby is so playful and overly enthusiastic about food! He's been ripping off all the anti-slid rims and pads from various bowls, but this one comes with a full non-slip silicone base so no matter how he chews on it it doesn't come off - so much win! 

To be honest, before Toby came along I've never considered so much when buying a dog bowl - so I really think this is a beagle thing haha 

3. A body harness
Please pick a soft and durable one! I'm so happy with this because it's cute, doesn't choke him when he gets really excited and tugs on the leash, and the material is hard to bite through. He chewed through his first 2 body harnesses and the collar seemed really uncomfortable for his when he starts dashing around

Breathable mesh inside

(I'm honestly impressed with the quality of fuzzyard products, highly recommend!)

4. Chewy Bones
Any brand would do but do prepare some chew bones for your puppy before it arrives because they're teething and would constantly need something to chew on. Its a great distraction from chewing your shoes or bags hehe

I've been buying this brand for Tasha (my other dog) before Toby even came along. I'm not sure if their quality is superior to other brands, but I like that they come in resealable packaging so its easy to store. 

5. Fun and Stimulating Toys
Beagle puppies are highly intelligent and very playful so they get bored of toys easily. Toby got bored of toys so quickly I ended up having to give him some of my kids' old toys haha. So I was pretty excited to give him this because it looked like it would entertain him for hours? He didn't take as long as I'd expected to solve the "puzzle" but I think he had fun! 

There are 8 rotatable chambers where you can fill with treats - after that you'll have to cap 4 of them and the puppy will have to try to find a way to get to the treats! 

Big thank you to Kohepets for sending all these beagle pup essentials our way! ♥︎


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  2. good stuff..beautiful beagle that you have!


  3. He looks so handsome with his body harness!
    The Outward Hound Treat Wheel is fun and interesting too.


  4. The most heartwarming photo is the friendship between the little dog and the little girl... he is so attentive to her talking...lol



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