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Online Shops: Luxola [Makeup Online]

Hello! Introducing my new favourite go-to store for beauty products ♥︎
For those residing in Asia, you've probably heard of Luxola. They've been featured in tons of magazines and is best known for their wide selection of cult products that will satisfy every beauty junkie! 

What I Like About Luxola?

Well, I absolutely love their clean and easy-to-use interface, makes the whole online shopping experience that much more enjoyable. Really don't like cluttered sites :X I also really like that they have an interesting lifestyle section where I can read about trends and learn from makeup tutorials. Best part of Luxola is of course the wide variety of brands they carry! (Check out the list below) I really enjoy discovering new brands, be it fashion or beauty, and it's so wonderful that most of the brands found on Luxola are not easily found in Singapore :)

The wonderful people at Luxola were so generous to send over some products I liked! Yay! Picked out a couple of things from german beauty brand Zoeva, especially love the concealer palette ♥︎ In addition to that, I also picked out Maybelline's new ColorShow and masterliner :)  Will be doing full reviews on the products soon!

Here's happy me wearing my new makeup :)

Thank you Luxola!

Now you can get your beauty fix at a whooping 20% OFF ♥︎
Simply enter "LX-Audrey" during checkout!
(Only for your first order)

Happy Shopping!

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The Magic Of Reality

People tend to classify dreamers or believers of fantasy as those who seek an escape from reality. There are definitely those who use these methods as a form of escape from the harsh realities of the world, but there are also others who are able to see magic in everyday life. It's all about perspective. 

Outfit: Top + Bottom + Necklace - Julien / Pandora Mini Bag - Givenchy

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Fabric Overalls For Easter

"Easter is very important to me, 
it's a second chance"
- Reba McEntire

One of the comfiest things I've had on in awhile. My last pair of overalls were dungarees and sometimes the denim would feel so tight and stiff I'd feel like changing. So happy to be bringing this piece in to the store for our next collection ♥︎ 

This season has truly been one of second chances, and it coincides so perfectly with Easter. I can already see/sense resurrection in various hopeless parts of my life. This Easter is definitely special for me, I hope it is for you too :) 

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Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder Review

Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder

Basically a translucent finishing powder that can be used on top of your foundations/bb creams or on it's own. This products promises a lightweight silky texture and flawless finishing. It only comes in one colour to suit all skin tones (which is pretty amazing). 

My Review:

To be honest, I was so disappointed with this product when I first got my hands on it. I was deciding between this and the highly raved Laura Mercier loose powder. In the end, I picked this one because of it's no-spill packaging. However, I've come to love this powder so much I've been using it everyday! 

Initially, I was pretty upset because I couldn't seem to get much powder unto my brush. It was so troublesome for me because I ended up having to sit in front of my mirror for a longer time just to try to push more powder out with my brush! I was also really not used to how sheer this powder is, the previous loose powder I was using provided a better coverage. So I guess this is not really suitable for people who want to be able to cover their scars or acne with powder. 

So.. I condemned this product and left it on the shelf for about 2 months until I had to go on a holiday. The no-spill packaging was perfect for travelling, so I decided to just bring this instead of my usual powder. To my surprise, after a couple more "pushes" it's like a spell has been broken and the powder came out of the sieve a lot faster than before. Throughout the whole trip, I was basically out from morning to night, and because this powder was so light.. I didn't cake up under the heat!

Long story short, this powder grows on you over time if you don't love it at first try! It really does provide a light matte finish without caking up under the eyes. And although the powder looks scarily white, it somehow blends into the colour of your foundation or bb cream and holds it in place! I personally feel this is worth every cent ♥︎

Sold at Sephora Singapore
Price: $57 (SGD)

For more information:

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