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Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder Review

Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder

Basically a translucent finishing powder that can be used on top of your foundations/bb creams or on it's own. This products promises a lightweight silky texture and flawless finishing. It only comes in one colour to suit all skin tones (which is pretty amazing). 

My Review:

To be honest, I was so disappointed with this product when I first got my hands on it. I was deciding between this and the highly raved Laura Mercier loose powder. In the end, I picked this one because of it's no-spill packaging. However, I've come to love this powder so much I've been using it everyday! 

Initially, I was pretty upset because I couldn't seem to get much powder unto my brush. It was so troublesome for me because I ended up having to sit in front of my mirror for a longer time just to try to push more powder out with my brush! I was also really not used to how sheer this powder is, the previous loose powder I was using provided a better coverage. So I guess this is not really suitable for people who want to be able to cover their scars or acne with powder. 

So.. I condemned this product and left it on the shelf for about 2 months until I had to go on a holiday. The no-spill packaging was perfect for travelling, so I decided to just bring this instead of my usual powder. To my surprise, after a couple more "pushes" it's like a spell has been broken and the powder came out of the sieve a lot faster than before. Throughout the whole trip, I was basically out from morning to night, and because this powder was so light.. I didn't cake up under the heat!

Long story short, this powder grows on you over time if you don't love it at first try! It really does provide a light matte finish without caking up under the eyes. And although the powder looks scarily white, it somehow blends into the colour of your foundation or bb cream and holds it in place! I personally feel this is worth every cent ♥︎

Sold at Sephora Singapore
Price: $57 (SGD)

For more information:

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5 Local Websites That Sell Luxury Bags For Less

Almost every other girl I meet is either perpetually saving for or coveting a luxury designer bag, so am I! The sky high price point of your Fendis and Chanels makes it so difficult to afford one every other month. Moreover, the best deals usually found at outlet malls or duty free shops are unfortunately not viable options here in Singapore. So, the best alternative to enjoy huge savings is purchasing through local websites that specialises in bringing in authentic bags at a discount! 

How do we know if it's authentic? 
Well, the more reputable stores here usually offers guarantees and their bags will come with original authenticity cards and dustbags.

After sifting through a number of sites and testing out a few, here are my top picks ♥︎

1. Reebonz

Arguably the biggest luxury brand e-seller in Singapore, carrying a wide selection of bags and small leather goods. They also sell jewellery, watches and shoes! Reebonz is a members-only site that holds daily events on their sites featuring different big name brands like Fendi, Givenchy, Prada and so on. Not a member? Don't fret, you can simply register as one for free!

Reebonz not only deals with brand new designer items, they also carry vintage/pre-loved bags for non-fussy buyers at a great price. All used bags go through a stringent process to guarantee authenticity. After authentication, Reebonz will also include their own atelier stamp so you can feel safe shopping with them!

My boyfriend recently ordered a pair of Tod's shoes from them and the delivery was fast with the item arriving in great condition. Absolutely loved the effort placed into their packaging! One thing I really like about Reebonz as compared to the other sites is that they have a mobile app. It's so much easier for me to scroll through their products when I'm out or using my phone in bed. 

2. Cloutshoppe

Originally opened by Singpost in 2011, Cloutshoppe has been recently acquired by Reebonz. Cloutshoppe not only sells designer bags online, but also holds events at various hotel locations where the prices are slashed further! I got my Givenchy Pandora mini from them at one such event back in 2012. The bag was in great condition and comes with original tags and dustbag as well.

However, I'm not sure if they're experiencing restructuring but their website is currently quite empty with only a few designs left on sale. If you're looking for a great deal now, you can check out the remaining products offered at a very good discount. 

3. Brandsfever

A large-scale organisation with market penetration in 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Brandsfever not only offers luxury brands goods, but they also have separate segments for casual and bargain brands including merchandise for children and home wares. Brandsfever also hold weekly event sales at various hotel locations around Singapore, do subscribe to them for updates!

I like that there's a wide selection of everything as well as ongoing contests and giveaways. As of now I haven't purchased anything from them yet, but will definitely be camping around their site for a great bargain!

4. Kepris

Kepris is a smaller scale site in comparison, with a good selection of 10 popular brands such as Balenciaga, Prada and Loewe. Most of the designs they carry are pretty classic so if you're looking a good deal on that timeless piece you've been eyeing on head over to Kepris! I love their clean layout and how easy it is to navigate around the site!

5. Thatbagiwant

This site features a slightly different concept, it places a bigger focus on luxury bag rentals! The perfect solution for the fickle-minded girl. Thatbagiwant has a wide selection of bags for you to rent, and if you end up loving that bag, there's an option for you to "rent to buy" as well! Otherwise, you can also sieve through the preloved bag section and grab a great deal on discount.

My friend bought a Fendi for only $700 on thatbagiwant a couple of years ago, until now it's still super hardy! In my opinion, a worthy investment.

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Online Shops: Onyx SG

"Fear not, versatility is our game"

Wearing Adaire Hi Lo Asymmetric Dress available here

"Handpicked worldwide with the sharpest eye for detail and quality"

Wearing Beverly White Mesh Crop Top available here

Onyx is a new online shop here in Singapore, showcasing a lovely range of predominantly monochrome pieces. I absolutely adore their style, so much leather and mesh! The quality of their apparel is superb as well, and everything comes beautifully packaged with their own label tags ♥︎

Here's a sneak peek of their rad monochrome range!

The awesome girls at Onyx are holding a giveaway this week on their Facebook page! So hurry over there now, you just might be one of the lucky winners walking away with a gorgeous new dress :) 

Join the giveaway here:

And to top it all off, Onyx is offering you guys a 10% discount for a limited time!
Simply enter "AUD10" during checkout 

I hope you'll all love Onyx as much as I do ♥︎

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Adult Friendship Ostracism

As a teen, sometimes when you know that your friends are unhappy with you or you're disliked by a certain group of people, your world can literally feel like it's crashing down on you. I used to think I'd outgrow this kind of feelings, but truth is, no matter how old you are these things can still affect you. The worst part is, most people will write you off as "overthinking". But deep down you just know that you can feel the distinct difference in the way this or that particular friend treats you. So, you can't exactly talk to anyone about it and walking away is not really an option as well because this person or group still means something to you and will probably always be a part of your life because of all the mutual friends you guys share. 

I've read so many different experiences from women around the world online, and I myself have been in similar situations before so I really understand how disturbing it can be. I used to cry over broken friendships, or feel really hurt when I find out I was intentionally uninvited to an activity by a group of people whom I thought were my "close friends". 

Here's my take on how to deal with feeling outcasted by your adult girlfriends ♥︎

You just got to accept the fact that you can't make everybody like you.

Yes it's as simple as that. Or if you've been in a long-term female clique, sometimes people end up liking you a lot less after a few years because you've both changed. Every great friendship starts out in hopes of being "friends forever";  you feel so much love for each other and you start making a list of wonderful things you guys can do together. And then sometimes, unfortunately, one's priorities in life changes. Maybe you've grown older and prefer mellow nights at home with the family instead of hanging out with your gal pals till 2am. Maybe you're starting a new career and after long hours of working all you want is some quiet time. In some high maintenance friendships, resentment for your disappearances or lack of enthusiasm for certain activities can become an issue. 

I've come to realise that once resentment has seeped into a friendship, even with a lot of hard work and effort on your part it can still end up becoming a majorly disappointing one. People tend to only remember the bad parts. If somebody doesn't like you anymore even the nicest thing you do will somehow end up becoming negative. So forget trying to please everybody and just be yourself. True friends will love you for you.  

If you're currently in this situation and feeling isolated or need somebody to talk to, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email :) I'd be your friend.

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