Unsung Hero - My Helper

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Wrote this on my dayre a few days ago on the day Yeti left - am copying this post here for keepsake, and I feel like this post expresses how I was feeling then better than if I were to re-write it now;

"Sending my helper off early tomorrow morning and it just dawned on me that I'll probably never see or hear from her ever again. 

How strange it is to spend 2-4years everyday with the same person and then bid them goodbye, and go on leading separate lives as if we've never met before. 

 I've been going through this cycle for as long as I can remember 

I remember crying really badly at the airport each time a helper was leaving. And then one day I just stopped getting attached to helpers completely. We were cordial, they did their job and sometimes we chatted that's about it.

But this time I cried. Last night when I passed her the bonus we promised her for extending, she cried and told me she's sorry if she didn't do a good enough job taking care of my girls and we hugged and I broke down. 

I know how hard it is for her to have to leave her son to take care of my daughters.
I know how hard it is for her to have to deal with my temperamental grandfather suffering from dementia when she first came to work for us. 
I know how hard it was for her to have to be the one to discover he has passed. 

Yet she stayed through our most difficult times, she saw me through 2 pregnancies and took such good care of my girls. 

Despite all our ups and downs, she's probably the maid who made the biggest impact on my life and I'm so grateful to her from the bottom of my heart. At the airport just now! 😌😌
Think Kayla is still unsure what is going on because she did ask to hug her but when we pried her away and my helper went into the departure gate but she didn't cry 😅"


  1. Quite a touching story about human relationship....
    hope you and your family especially your girls will adjust well after she left!!


  2. This is part of the growing up process, isn't it...
    friends and family members kept on disappearing from our lives???



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