2016 Gucci Ghost Collection Event

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Attended the Gucci Ghost Event at Marina Bay Sands last week to check out their new collection ♥︎ Was pretty excited because it's the first event I'm attending after being confined for a month hehe; mama's turn to take a break from the babies :D 

The Gucci Ghost Collection is a collaboration with Artist Trouble Andrew who gave Gucci a refreshing street look ~ 

Very different from the usual Gucci designs don't you think?

These slides blew me away when I first set my eyes on them on instagram; tried searching for the black ones when I was in Korea few months back but they were sold out. And now after seeing them live my heart is fluttering again... should I? #firstworldproblems hehe

Got to try on these Dionysus bags at the event as well; really like the one with the black floral print, so classy! 

Had a lovely time checking out the current designs at Gucci with my bff and am looking forward to seeing more interesting designs in the future ~ ♥︎


  1. OMG....Very different from the usual Gucci designs!


  2. Dionysus bag with the black floral print really stand out....I like it too.


  3. So Nice... hope you had an interesting night!



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