Kayla Does The Darnest Things (20mths old)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kayla is 20mths old now and she really is the joy of my life because she's does all sorts of funny things and is pretty much happy all day hahaha. Posting up a bunch of her unfiltered funny moments here for memory ♥︎

Found baby sitting in a bag outside while I was decluttering my room hahaha

Me thinking she was smiling for the camera..

And then I realised she was trying to play peekaboo with me lol! She thought I was hiding behind my phone hahaha ~

Hogging her sister's baby basket hehe

Screaming at random is also a funny thing to her these days ~

Kayla face whenever we ask her to "smile!" hahaha

Another "smile" face!

When she's had enough of me hounding her for "smiles" haha

Geeky Kayla ~ Thought she looked really cute with those specs! :D

When mama is tired of running after a toddler while lugging bags of things ~

And here's her "high on fries" face hahaha - she really really loves to eat fries LOL

Seriously love this little girl to bits ♥︎


  1. really cute... Praise Abba Father for granting you such a wonderful little darling.


  2. beautiful smile...lol, at least she is cooperative with you!!!


  3. Happy hour never ends... My baby bring in so much joy to my life too!


  4. Hahaha..." she was trying to play peekaboo with mama lol! She thought Mama was hiding behind the phone hahaha " ...


  5. Lovely baby Kayla.. she has grown fast!


  6. OMG...."Found baby sitting in a shopping bag outside the room"... LOl!!!



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