Pregnancy 2 - Week 20/21

Friday, June 17, 2016

Missed one week of my pregnancy diary because these two weeks have been busy busy busy for me. I have been, however, diligently updating snippets of my life almost everyday on my dayre hehe, - so follow me there for unfiltered daily rantings ♥︎

I'm feeling A LOT better now, except for the fact that I AM STILL SPITTING EXCESS SALIVA haiiii ~ But in comparison to the first 4 months of my pregnancy.. am just gonna appreciate every good day I get! Since I've been feeling better, I've been having a ton of cravings as well lol. I literally look forward to meal times now and have an insane craving for soft drinks hahahha. So.. my storeroom is now stocked with cartons of coke and sprite loll (yes I know its bad). 

I tend to feel real tired easily and unwell on bad days too, so regretfully I wasn't able to stick to all of my commitments recently and had to pass up on a few events. Really don't like the feeling of cancelling on people last minute sighs. 

So anyway, here's some highlights of my past two weeks! 

Brought Kayla swimming with D! Hehe doesn't she look so much more grown up now? We've also been making an effort to try to bring her out for awhile almost everyday (grocery shopping, lunch, walking around the mall nearby etc.) so she won't be too bored at home all the time heh :)

I was recently involved in a surprise proposal for my BFF :))) It's the first time I've ever been a part of any surprise proposals haha and it was so great to see the shock/joy on her face when she realised what was happening. So so happy for her and am glad that she's marrying a really awesome guy who loves her a lot! 

Hehe the proposal! :D Am real excited to help her with the wedding planning too, she's one of my closest friends whom I've known since secondary school so we literally grew up together heh. I think marriage and having children is the best thing that's happened to me and I'm so happy she'll be going through the same experience too!

Rare family photo of the 3 of us! D made arrangements for us to have dinner at this gorgeous place, Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora. It's an underwater themed restaurant where you're essentially dining "underwater" hehe. To be honest it was really challenging trying to eat with a hyper active toddler in a fine dining restaurant, but we had a great experience nonetheless and Kayla was smitten with the aquarium. Will be blogging more about our experience here in detail ~

This was taken right next to our table! 

Enjoyed some girl time with these two as well before they both had to fly off for holiday and work. These two are foodies so I always get to try yummy food at different places whenever I meet them hehe ♥︎

And here's a full family picture of us at D's cousin's 21st birthday! The whole place was beautifully decorated and we really enjoyed the food ha (am realising my focus is always on food these days..). It was quite funny though cos all of her friends are around her age so we were seated together with all the relatives = older folks. And then D and I were saying like so this is how our parents or relatives feel when they attend our events last time when we were younger. 

And this was yesterday when I did a shoot with 8 days magazine for an upcoming 313 food guide booklet coming out next month! The whole crew was really really nice and friendly, I had an enjoyable time and am quite excited to see how the photo will turn out :)

And finally, the biggest highlight of my two weeks is this box of roses!!!!!!
I was so so so friggin shocked and happy when I realised this came for me haha. It's sent by my bff for thanking me for helping out with the proposal :) To be honest, I haven't been so surprised in a really long time. I've been blessed to receive a lot of gifts from sponsors and also from family & friends over the last two years, but I usually already kinda know it's coming? This was a complete surprise hahaha. And so pretty right? 

This pretty much sums up these 2 weeks of my life ♥︎ 5months down and 3 more to go yay!


  1. your life is full of interesting stories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hehehe, we have younger children too...
    A nice and wonderful family picture.


  3. Beautiful.... all that you have shared here are so beautiful <3


  4. You are as beautiful as the box of white roses!


  5. You life's story is so wonderful. May many thousands more happiness await you... and definitely many more wonderful stories to be shared with us and the world.



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