Salt Grill And Sky Bar High Tea Review

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hi guys! I was honestly really excited to try Salt Grill & Sky Bar because I've been wanting to go there for the longest time after seeing so many beautiful pictures online ♥︎ So after procrastinating for so long, I finally made my way there recently with two of my friends!

As expected - the place was modern, service was good and presentation was beautiful. The entire space was pretty much #OOTD worthy and the view was breathtaking. You have to take a separate elevator up from ION Level 4 to Level 55, reminds me so much of Equinox at Swisshotel heh. 

We had a lovely time and before we knew it our high tea sesh was over, but the staff were really nice and didn't chase us even though we left our things at the table and went around taking pictures hehe (High Tea is from 230 - 445pm)

The Afternoon Tea Platter was however, somewhat disappointing? Pictured above is all you'd get for 3 sets of Afternoon Tea Platter Set (along with free flow coffee and tea); and the damage is about $50 each. I felt that it was a little expensive for so little food as compared to high tea sets/buffets at hotels. I guess over here you are paying more for the ambience and the view :) 

Overall I had a great time and really loved the way they utilised the space. But I probably will not be going back anytime soon unless it's for some occasion like a friend's birthday or something? I do however, feel that it's a place that's worth visiting at least once! (Especially if you enjoy taking pictures like me hehe) ♥︎

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Link to the Afternoon Tea Platter menu here


  1. Visited Salt grill & sky bar twice. Both visits are having high tea with friends. The great panoramic view is an eye captioning. We love the service as all staffs are attentive and polite. Their high tea set was amazingly delightful. Overall, food, service and the environment was great. I can't wait to be back to this place again.


  2. We went there to celebrate my wife's birthday. When we got there, we were greeted by a friendly and smiling crew and they made us feel welcome.

    We were given a window seat with a nice view of the Singapore skyline. There is also a viewing gallery which we can walk around to see the singapore skyline from different angle.

    For appetiser, we have the seared foie gras and salt and pepper squid. We got the sirloin steak, veal cutlet and baramundi for the mains. They looked good and tasted good too. For the dessert they gave us a chocolate cake with a personalised 'happy birthday'. It was the highlight as far as my wife is concerned.

    The service we received was excellent. We can feel their efforts to make it a special dinner for my wife.


  3. The 55 th floor of the fancy ION plaza houses the salt and sky grill. Super views, super food and well worth a visit. The food is good but overstated. The place is a must go.


  4. This restaurant is expensive, but the experience is priceless. The express elevator from level 4 Ion shopping centre to level 56 sets the scene for amazing views over Singapore, especially on dusk. The food is exquisite, we had the barramundi (Australian fish) to share with crab & mushrooms. Delicious! There is a fantastic wine selection and the service was excellent.


  5. Having read most bad reviews about this restaurant, I went with already low expectations. But I wanted to give it a chance because the Salt in Tokyo is very good so wanted to try it for myself.

    My striploin, ordered medium, was well done at best. The "homemade" bread tasted like paper. The beef must have been really cheap because not only had it no flavor but the sole of my shoe could possibly be more tender than what I was served. The bearnaise that I ordered it with tasted like bad mayo from a jar; one could barely get a hint of tarragon. And for a grill restaurant with steak on the menu, the only red wine available by the glass was pinot noir!

    I dine out a lot in Singapore and frankly, Salt Grill has hit bottom on my list. I will NEVER go back. A whopper would have been more satisfying because at least you know what to expect. Salt Grill was overprice and truly disgusting. I hope Luke Mangan changes his kitchen staff in Singapore! He should be ashamed to have his name on the restaurant on top of ION. I am hoping they will close to let the space to a restaurant that deserves the great view that they have.

    Luckily, Daniel Boulud has opened, and his bistro was so good I went twice in 1 week and can't wait to go back!



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