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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hello! For those you who are following me on instagram (@audt), you've probably already seen these #ootds :) I've been buying maternity clothing from recently because it's soo much cheaper than buying from maternity stores in Singapore + they have a huge variety! Will be sharing my maternity looks here all the way till I give birth hehh. Links and review will be included for other mummies who are looking for cheap and nice looking maternity clothing too ♥︎

1. Casual White Sundress 
(~ SGD$8.22 before intl shipping)

This was my favourite buy, and I used the word was because now that my bump has grown significantly its become too short to wear this as a dress anymore :// I am, however, definitely able to wear this even after giving birth so I feel like this is a great buy! One thing I'm really particular about when it comes to clothing now is comfort, and this is a super light and comfortable dress so yay :) 

One thing to note though, this is not sold as a maternity dress but I felt that it would be suitable for maternity wear because of the loose fitting cut. 

Would rate this 4/5! 

This is how it looks like on the site ♥︎
Link here

2. Printed Floral Dress
(paid about SGD$11 before intl shipping but its no longer available on the store I bought this from, another shop that sells the exact same design is selling it for SGD$22.61 before intl shipping)

To be honest I was somewhat disappointed with this because its very very sheer and I had to wear another black dress underneath it. I do love the print though and the length is great, definitely able to accommodate bigger bumps without appearing too short. The texture of the fabric is not very comfortable though so I don't foresee myself wearing this much. 

Would rate this 2.5/5

This is how it looks like on the site ♥︎
Link here

That's all for my first taobao maternity picks and review post, hope you guys liked it! 


  1. Wow, the price is too "good" for such designed dresses...


  2. Unbelievable!!! you got a great deal!


  3. The white dress is so beautiful on you!


  4. What about having a lighter color dress underneath the floral dress... like the model picture provided, it makes the floral effects appear lighter(pale white) color ... white color suits you so well, I must say!


  5. Excellent! Thanks for sharing...



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