Kayla 10 Months

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seriously neglected my baby diary for the last 1-2mths cos of work so here's an update!
Pardon the lack of photos, haven't had the chance to spend as much time with her as I'd liked, but falling sick the last two days ended up becoming a blessing in disguise cos I got to stay home more heh. And I found out my little Kayla started to walk!! A little sad cos it seems like I'm the last one at home to find out sighs. But still.. at least I got to witness her first few (slightly more stable) steps haha

(Kayla standing on her own in her new playpen!)

(Video of Kayla's wobbly walk)

We got finally got her a playpen recently cos she's sooo much stronger now and it's hard to keep her safe on a couch or bed anymore. And I felt that she really really needed her own safe space to just crawl around and play freely :) 

She's a lot more interactive now and loves to play and laugh a lot hahaha. Her first and favourite words are "mum mum"! Initially I got all happy thinking that she was calling me mama.... then I realize it just means she wants food lol. Apparently my helper her been using the words "mum mum" when it's time to eat, so whenever she wants food she'll just say that haha. 

(This was the expression she made when I asked her to smile!)

(Kayla wanting to press the camera button herself lol)

Kayla's becoming more and more affectionate each day, she loves to crawl/walk to me and fall/hug unto me and kiss my face now hahaha. Love it!! She has this weird habit of stealthily crawling up to my legs and then biting me real hard though :/ Kinda scary. She's been doing that to D and my husband as well. Not sure if she's learning from my cat -.- Hope she'll stop doing this soon! 

That's about it for this month's update ♥︎


  1. There is so much FUN of having a baby at home heh!


  2. It is very true that your baby can only SPEAK the words that you have been feeding her repeatedly....Like everyone else, they can only learn by imitation.
    Hence other than TALK to her often, and also coach her how to interact with people by asking her simple question slow and clear, and reply with the simple answer of her thinking till she registers that this is the way to converse with people. Like "are you happy with your food? ..Do you want to have some water?... etc" "Yes, Thank You. I am happy!...Yes, thank you. I want water"

    Just my 2 cents of thought!


  3. Hi, watch out this:

    Around 10 months, it's not uncommon for babies to become picky or resistant to trying certain foods, even if they've happily eaten them before. However, most kids go through a stage like this and then outgrow it all on their own. Keep offering healthy foods to your baby and don't force her to eat if she doesn't want to. Let her feed herself and play with her food so she can learn what she likes and doesn't like.

    If you were taught that you shouldn't play with your food, this stage of baby month-by-month development may be hard to handle. However, babies should play with their food. It's an ideal way to experiment with their personal tastes, as well as an excellent way to discover what food feels like. However, it is possible to teach your little one the beginning of table manners, such as to not throw food or to try to use a spoon.


  4. Wow, this is an interesting 10 month old baby!

    I like 10 months old baby, take note of their development at this stage:

    If they’re trying to say a word and haven’t quite got it, nod and repeat the correct word back – ‘yes, that’s right, it’s your car’. Encourage and praise their efforts rather than point out mistakes

    Your baby may now understand the concept of role-play, so choose something from your cupboards or toys like plastic food and tools, to inspire pretend play and enhance your baby’s imagination

    Giving your baby a blow-by-blow description of what you're doing is also a good idea to encourage language, whether you're chopping onions for dinner or folding the laundry. When you put them in the buggy to go out, say, "There you go, into your blue pushchair. Now let's buckle you in and get you comfortable. OK, we're off to the park"

    They’ll love action songs that link words and gestures now, such as Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake or This Little Piggy

    Their pincer movement is pretty good now, so toys with moving parts, such as wheels, levers, or doors that open and close will be a big hit. Big plastic cars that your baby can roll around on the floor are fun toys for both boys and girls!!

    Happy parenting time.

  5. I think what she is trying to show both of you is about her LOVE to both of you through KISSING both of you LOL !!! " She has this weird habit of stealthily crawling up to my legs and then biting me real hard though :/ Kinda scary. She's been doing that to D and my husband as well. Not sure if she's learning from my cat -.- Hope she'll stop doing this soon!

    Hi, Try to show her clearly that Kissing is using the lips and not her teeth!! So keep emphasize with your words:" Oh Baby, Mama love you so much!! "then follow by KISSING with your lips with sound ..demostrate it slowly and clearly in front of her eyses...after few times, she might get it and will change her biting way of loving expression towards both of you (from love bite) to lips kissing!!

    I must say that: you truly have a very high emational intelligent baby, she has so much love towards both of you that she can only express it through her way of kissing both of you!!!

    All the best to you and your family!


  6. Her Expression of SMILING is super cute and funny!!

    Smart baby, she did recognize that smiling is different from laughing Heh!!!


  7. We used Cardamom oil to stop our daughter to stop her habit of biting me, especially LOL !! I had applied the eatable Cardamom oil on the place (my shouder and also my finger) that she would suddenly give me a bite... ...which she might mean a kind of " PLAYING" with me ... then that strong taste comes with it eventually discouraged her from doing that to me again within a sjort time!!

    Hope this tip can help you too!


  8. Can put a baby ROCKER inside her playpen later on, so that she can sit down on her own rocking chair as frequent as she like! Just an idea.


  9. So Precious...
    the first picture of her showing her love affection towards you is so precious!!


  10. At 10 months, your baby’s coordination has improved a lot. Children at this age are pretty adept at picking up small objects in their pincer grasp. Just make sure you still keep anything small enough to pose a choking hazard out of your baby’s little fingers.

    They're also figuring out how to fit smaller objects into larger ones, which makes stacking cups a lot of fun. And 10-month-olds have the skill to hold a toy in one hand while using the other hand for a different task. This is indeed a very interesting time to play with your baby.


  11. This is some Tips for Your Baby’s Tenth Month:

    Even though your baby isn’t talking yet, engage her in real conversations. For instance, respond to her babbles with “Really?” or “That’s so interesting!” Or carry on a conversation using a stuffed animal or puppet. You’ll encourage your baby to keep talking and learning new words.

    Turn on the tunes. Any type of music will work, whether it’s pop, country, or show tunes. Your baby will love bopping and bouncing along to the rhythm.

    Hide toys and help your little one look for them to practice object permanence-the idea that things continue to exist, even when she can’t see them.

    Do grasp this opportunity to coach your baby in her fast growing stages of her life. It is highly valuable and worthy of all of your attention!

    All the best wishes to you and your Kayla and all of the family members around her.



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