Innisfree Green Christmas Event

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Attended the Innisfree Green Christmas Event recently and it's probably one of the best planned events I've ever attended! Thank you TouchPR for the invite, I had a lovely time ♥︎

Gorgeous setting

The moment we arrived, we were whisked off to the bag making section and I had the opportunity to print my own bag (with the help of the lovely staff on duty of course :D). Picked the Tree design hehe

Next we were given little planter bags and gardening tools that we could bring home to plant wheat grass haha, so cute! 

There were a few other activity stations but I really liked the soap making station where we made and stencilled our own soap! Loved that there were so many interesting stations planned out for us :)

And there was even a popcorn booth there!! Yummmmm :)

With Agnes (@aggylow) and Desiree (@decadentdrama)! 
Had a great time catching with these two ♥︎

And finally, I went home with a bag of Innisfree products, thank you Innisfree! Heard so many rave reviews, and am grateful to be able to try all this great looking products :)


  1. excellent report!

    Have a great Holiday with your family


  2. live love laugh...and play,
    live your life to its fullnest!


  3. Be happy..and enjoy your friendships!


  4. Incredible! Life is full of pleasent surprises..
    Like your day in this event.



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