Week 30 Pregnancy

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Hello I'm back for yet another pregnancy update! This is actually surprisingly good for my soul haha, I think all moms-to-be should keep a baby diary of your pregnancy and motherhood journey to share and look back on in the future :) 

I've been reading on some pregnancy information on the last trimester and one of the more common complaints is insomnia and body aches.  I've definitely been experiencing the body aches, but as far as insomnia goes I'm nowhere close. I'm soooo tired lately I've no idea why. All I want to do is lie in bed all day or sleep. But I've been dragging myself out more because I know soon I'll be homebound for the last stretch of pregnancy. 

A friend of mine recommended body massage to help alleviate the horrible body aches. She herself booked both prenatal and postnatal massage packages from this place. In case you guys are interested here's the link:

I personally found the packages a little too pricy since I was hoping for a permanent solution for my body aches which is like 3 months worth of massages, and $500 for 5 days is just too steep. But a miracle happened, AMEN! (which is also the highlight of my week hehe); my dad bought my grandmother a surprise Christmas gift last week... and it's a massage chair!! And for some reason my whole family didn't really enjoy it so guess who's the one using it everyday now.. yours truly hehe :) For sure a massage chair can't compete with an actual masseuse, but it does help a lot!

For mummies to be who are currently looking for more affordable bodyache solutions you can consider getting one too! If you really think about it, its $2500 (OSIM udiva) for years of massage versus $500 for 5days. 

More information here ♥︎

I'm also really happy this week because I finally got to try Honeycreme! After seeing so many yummy looking pictures of it popping up all over my instagram feed, I just had to try it. It's really good despite having read some negative reviews on it. I'd definitely not order the cotton candy one again though, pretty to look at but made things a little too messy for my liking. 

My sweet cravings are getting worse, I've been eating all sorts of sweets I can get my hands on. Chocolate tarts, ice cream, brownies, macarons.. you name it. I've even stocked up on boxes of magnum minis (the mint ones are awesome by the way) in my fridge. Which makes me a little nervous for tomorrow's diabetes test! I've probably been eating more sweet stuff in these couple of months than every sweet thing I've had in my life added together. I think Kayla's gonna have a sweet tooth next time!

Am ending this week's update with this hilarious article on pregnancy symptoms, mostly true and such a good read for pregnant mums! 

Read it here  


  1. I've ever tried honeycreme as well. The queue is quiet tiring but I guess it's worth. Cotton candy with ice cream.. yummm.. oh and congrats for ur pregnancy <3

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. Hi I am Adriel, I like your post and i am happy to welcome you into this New Mama Community.... my mothering mantra is, “I am the perfect mom for my kids.” And guess what? You are too. You’re the perfect mom for your kids and don’t ever let yourself think otherwise — not even for a moment. You’ve got this mom gig :-)

    In celebration of my 100th post on this wee blog I want to share 100 things I’ve learned in the last year about pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, caring for a baby, and being a first-time-mom. I make no apologies that this will be a long post, but I really hope it serves you… or at least makes you smile. Because motherhood, after all, really is the greatest joy and privilege.

    Love, Adriel xo

  3. You are such a fortunate new mama, you will appreciate much much more of your OSIM udiva massage chair later on; which is such a convenient relaxing mechanism for your unexpected busying and tiring new mama days.....Happy for you lol. I wish I have one in my house!



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