Singapore Bridal Studios [Part 3] - Emanuel B Couture

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Emanuel B Couture was my bridal studio of choice for my actual day wedding gowns. After visiting various designers and bridal studios in Singapore, I felt most comfortable with Elaine from Emanuel B, and we thought that her prices were reasonable for the quality of the gowns and suits she offered. On the very first meeting, she was able to tell me which materials and cut would suit my body type best just by sizing me up for awhile! I was pretty impressed by that :)  

Here are some pictures of my gown from my wedding day ♥︎ The white one is a modified off-the-rack new piece that I fell in love with while trying out some of the gowns at the shop, while the black one is a made-to-measure piece that I got to keep after the wedding! I would highly recommend that you go for at least one made-to-measure piece because then you'd get to participate in the entire gown planning process. It was really fun to be able to decide on the silhouette and materials etc together with a professional designer!   

For us we went for the bridal package that includes bridal makeup, car decor, corsages, made-to-measure suit for the groom etc which makes planning for your wedding so much easier because so many things are included. We also got to know about our wedding day photographer (whom we really loved!) through Emanual B, Acapella Photography

For more information visit ♥︎
Happy prepping for your wedding! 


  1. Stunning and Glamorous wedding dresses that you had..Congrats!


  2. Hello, the made-to-measure designer black gown is so gorgeous!
    It is really like a celebrity's bridal inspiration.....
    You look so elegance with the white and black gowns!!


  3. This is sweet heart..Simple yet beautiful!!


  4. Unique Wedding Gowns...
    Fascinating and Stylish..
    I like your black spectacular choice!



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