Week 25 Pregnancy

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hello! Baby probably grew most significantly this week and my bump is huge now O.O
I've gained a whooping 6kilos so far and am about 45.5kg now!

Am turning into an early riser this week, even made it to the market twice before sunrise! Haha I would have never believed if someone told me my life is gonna change this much a couple of years ago. Was down with really bad gastritis on thursday though, which was really weird considering how much I've been eating. The doctor said it was due to pregnancy hormones and a weak stomach so no more spicy foods till after baby is born! Other than that this week has been pretty smooth sailing ♥︎

I've also started on a mini container garden after looking at gorgeous container garden ideas on pinterest! Made my way down to the nursery and got meself some pots, tomatoes and chives seeds :) Was pretty disappointed I couldn't find carrot seeds because I really wanted to grow some for bunny! It's going to be a vegetable and fruits garden hehe ♥︎ Thank God my family didn't throw away my old pot stand and garden bench, dabbled with gardening a few years ago but was too busy to keep up so I'm starting small this time! 

(image via pinterest)

(image via pinterest)

(image via pinterest)

Aren't these gorgeous? ♥︎


  1. " Life is Beautiful Dress Accordingly" even when you are a pregnant woman here....It is truly the best description of your post! :) I like your mini container garden ideas....It is about be alive to live a beautiful life . ..there you go!

    And Try Ginger for any stomach issue (Only have it in the morning)
    Ginger is a common natural remedy for nausea and upset stomach. Try ginger pills, boil raw ginger water or drinking ginger in a hot tea or raw ginger with lemon water! If you drink ginger ale, read the label to look for real ginger. Many commercial brands contain only ginger flavor, which doesn't have the same benefits as real ginger.


  2. A Beautiful Heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world could not contain.
    Congrats to your lovely mini container garden project as your lovely baby growing within you!



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