Outfit: Leather Minimal

Monday, October 27, 2014

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” 
- Socrates

Scored this jacket during a mango sale in Seoul and I must say it's probably my favourite clothing buy this year :) 
Love the texture, look the look. 

Am spending more time playing with my cam and photoshop as well if you've noticed. There's a gazillion interesting photo effect tutorials I found on youtube that I can't wait to try! Blurred the sides of the above outfit pictures with the iris-blur filter :D Soo much more convenient than manually masking out the background hehe, blends better too don't you think? Still trying to perfect it though! 

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  1. This looks comfy with style..Cool :) My style overall is whatever is comfy, whatever I feel like wearing that day that I feel good in. I have some really classic pieces that I can dress up, dress down, wear to the movies or wear to a really nice dinner. And I love a really good leather jacket.



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