Finding My Core

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I recently watched The Rise Of The Guardians, 
and one part left a really deep impression on me;
North:  “Who are you Jack Frost?  What is your center?  If man in moon chose you, you must have something very special inside.”
Santa looks at a matryoshka doll of himself and its various layers, mysterious, fierce, jolly…and at the center he finds, “Big eyes, because they are full of wonder.  Wonder is what I put into the world and what I put into the children.  It’s why I am a guardian.  It’s my center.  What is yours?”
We all have something special within us that we bring into this world; I used to know what my core is, but I think I lost myself somewhere along the way. Perhaps I became a drifter after losing my dream, and it seemed too difficult to pick myself up and start dreaming a new dream. This is probably my wakeup call, to rediscover the purpose of my existence.
Do you know what your center is?

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