Levi's 501 Party

Friday, May 24, 2013

Headed down to Zouk for the Levi's 501 Party on wednesday, unfortunately I had to leave early and missed out on the second part of the fashion show :/
Here's bits of what I could capture on my iphone hee;

The show opened with an awesome dance, which I thought was brilliant :)

Levi's show-cased versatility with different style sets.
The darker, edgier style set was my absolute favourite from the show ♡ 
Before this, Levi's was anything but dark or gothic to me, I see Levi's in a completely different light now!

And here's a peek at the doorgift.. love love love it!

I had a lovely time, a new and better perspective of Levi's and a brand new clutch! 
Happy much ♡

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