Made My Own Outfit with SRW Space

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Got to create my own outfit with SRW Space recently!  It’s a first for me so I was superrr excited ~ and now I’m superrr in love with the final product :) 
It’s this playsuit I’m wearing in the picture above!!

An unedited, unfiltered pic of my playsuit! What do you guys think?

I wouldn’t call it an original design of mine cos it was honestly heavily inspired by pieces I liked 😌 But to be able to have a piece tweaked exactly the way I liked it & tailor-made to my body, it’s a dream come true😍

I’ve always loved playsuits in this style but it’s hard for me to buy them because they are usually...

1. Too sheer
2. Have plunging necklines
3. The shorts part too short
4. The off shoulder sleeves won’t stay 

So, I brought up all these issues with the tailor and tadahh ~ she made one that I could wear out comfortably with no worries 🤗

Share with you guys a little background about SRW Space ~

It’s a fashion space started by this lovely lady in the picture, Sheryl. She wanted to create a space where anyone (fashion student, OL, stay home mom, absolutely anyone) can affordably create a design they want with a professional tailor.

I personally feel that this is a wonderful starting point for fashion students or anyone who wants to eventually manufacture their own line of clothing! 
To be honest, I’ve tried exploring that option before and it’s so tedious because manufacturers usually want you to give them the prototype before making your designs. And since there aren’t much tailoring options in SG, you’d usually have to spend $ to fly to another country just to find people to create the prototypes.. and sometimes it turns out wrong or what you have to ship here and there to fix it 🙈 So this space is so perfect for those who want to explore entering this industry without having to spend a whole lot of money at the start!
Also good for people like me who really likes a particular design but need it tweaked hehehe
They are so sweet they even drew an illustration of me in my new playsuit!

If you're interested to find out more, their Instagram handle is @srwspace :)

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