Clarins Emergency Masks X Revamped Ion Store

Friday, March 02, 2018
Clarins Emergency Masks
Meet Clarins' three emergency masks that restores your skin in just 10minutes!

Blue: Moisture Fresh Hydra Mask
Yellow: Nourishing Balm Comfort Mask
Green: Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask

All three masks can be used daily on it's own or concurrently to target different area skin needs. The Fresh Hydra Mask is an ultra refreshing gel mask for hydrating skin, the Balm Comfort Mask is an ultra rich balm mask for softening and comforting your skin while the Rebalancing Clay Mask removes impurities and tightens pores. 

I personally really enjoy using the Nourishing Balm Comfort Mask because I fall asleep with my makeup on a lot (am sure lots of moms can relate). So the next day when I feel really horrible for doing that, I'd use this mask to soothe my skin! It's helps a lot that this process is pretty much fuss-free and requires only 10mins. I love the moisturising balm texture of the mask and how my skin feels instantly softer after. 

These masks are available at Clarins outlets and is retailing at $62/tube

If you're heading down to a Clarins store, do consider popping by the one at Ion Orchard. It's newly renovated with a nice comfortable seating area as well as a comprehensive selection of all their products! 

Highlight for me is this travel section with travel sized products! This is so great for people who would like to try some of their products first before purchasing the full sized items as well. 

I also love the fact that they have this maternity section too! It's the first time I've seen a beauty brand carve out a corner especially for moms!! If you are a pregnant mummy, Clarins is actually one of the top brands for stretch mark oils and other skincare specially formulated for mums. So do check them out :)

Clarins also carries makeup that's formulated with skincare properties that's beneficial for your face :)

Clarins @ ION Orchard

2 Orchard Turn ION Orchard #B2/35-36

Tel: 6509 0312

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