Beaba Babycook Review

Sunday, March 04, 2018
Beaba Babycook
The BÉABA Babycook® Plus is the best baby food maker machine, helping you prepare nutritious dishes in just 15 minutes or less. The Babycook® Plus is a unique baby food cooker, designed for easy, one-hand operation that allows you to do batch-cooking or steam two dishes at once. This baby food maker features a patented steam heating system that locks in vitamins and nutrients; use it to prepare a variety of dishes, including fruits, vegetables, pasta/grains, fish and meat.

Hello! Today I'm going to be sharing my experience with my Beaba Babycook Plus - it is soo incredibly easy to use that my 3 year old can actually help with making meals now haha

Honestly, I'm a mummy who rarely cooks and ever since we've changed helpers my girls haven't been having very healthy meals (especially my elder one). So.. I've actually been feeling quite guilty about this. After attending the media preview of the Beaba Babycook and watching the live demo, I was really inspired to start making healthier meals for my girls. And.. just being real.. A LOT of demos always make the product seem so much easier to use than it really is in reality.. BUT this Babycook is really super easy to use and clean! Now we use this everyday at home and I love it so much. 

So here's how it works:

1. Decide what ingredients you'd like for your dish

2. Chop it all up or portion it out (for fish & meat)

3. Put everything in it's raw state into the baby cooker and press the steam button

4. Wait for 15mins - you can open it anytime to check if it's ready or continue steaming after 15mins it's up to you!

And.. you're done hahaha. SO EASY RIGHT?

There's is a blending option if you'd like to make puree or sauce as well

The two levers you see on the top of the Babycook is for locking and unlocking.. again SUPER EASY. Everything can be easily dismantled for washing too!

The Babycook comes in a variety of colours and styles as well to match your kitchen hehe - I think the rose pink one is very pretty!! Do head on over to their site to see the full range of colours

If you are residing in Singapore, the Beaba Babycook is available at all Motherswork stores, highly recommend!


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