Outfit: Sunday's Best

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chopped my hair off recently and it's probably the best decision I made all year. The last time I had my hair cut was last August?! Anyhow, my head feels soo much lighter and my hair looks fluffier so yay ♥︎ Am still as obsessed with minimal looks as usual, but this time with a little more detail. Another highlight are these new lace-ups I got for the summer season. Its so pretty its worth the extra 5mins of trouble before heading out hehe. Best part of all? This entire outfit (excluding the bag and arm accessories) only cost me about $50! Yes, from taobao.com haha

Top, bottom, hat and shoes - taobao.com / Bag - Chanel / Arm cuff - Hermes 


  1. I like your shoes..cute!


  2. I just had my new hat on @ my FB

    Good Match of yours!


  3. The white lace-ups is certainly pretty, as for myself,
    I would prefer it to be longer to reach my hip :-)


  4. It is nice to have changes of how we look after a while!

    But I cannot believe that you are already a mama; you look so young!?



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