5 Newborn Essentials

Saturday, May 16, 2015

So, my little one turned 3months old recently. And after trying many different recommended baby items, I thought I'd share 5 items that I've found most useful with all the new mummies-to-be out there! All these items below are based on my own experience, and I truly hope you'd find them as useful as I did ♥︎

1. A soft-structured baby carrier

This is really a lifesaver for us, especially on those colicky nights! We only started putting her in it after one month (wished we'd gotten one earlier!), and she absolutely loves it. At the peak of her colic season, carrying her around in this was almost always the only way to help her sleep. 

I used this picture because Ergobaby is the carrier we're currently using heh. But I'm sure other soft-structured carriers will probably work the same? Read a lot of rave reviews on the popular Tula as well! In any case, I'd highly recommend getting a carrier, just be sure you get an ergonomic one :)

2. Portable Diaper Changing Mat

I initially bought this because it was cheap on amazon.com and wanted to try it out before deciding if I should get a diaper changing table. Needless to say, the changing table or any other form of fancy diaper changing station never made it into my home. You can easily get one of these for less than $20, and it's seriously soo convenient! I currently have one upstairs and one downstairs so we don't have to keep bringing the mat up and down :D One thing to note though, be sure to buy the larger or longer sized ones, will last you a lot longer!

3. Inflatable Baby Tub

I'm currently still using this Munchkin Duck Tub since bathtime is now Kayla's highlight of the day because of this tub. I've already written a rave review on this tub before here :) Its safe and soo helpful in helping to support Kayla's neck during bathtime. Highly recommend!

4. Baby Ear Thermometer

We are currently using the Braun Baby Ear Thermometer for Kayla. Found this very useful because there were so many instances where we needed to test for her temperature and this is so easy to use! It's totally non invasive and really fast, helps a lot when using it on a fidgety baby. 

5. Baby Mittens

These will save your newborn's face from a ton of ugly scratches! Kayla was pretty much trying to touch her face all the time and ended up inflicting really horrible "scars" (they heal in a day though) on her face. So mittens are really a MUST! Don't buy too many pairs though, babies stop wearing them at about 1-2months old :)

Feel free to add any other items that you've found useful in the comments below!
It's always great to see moms share precious advice over here ♥︎


  1. Nappies: Pampers Baby-Dry or Easy Peasy Bumbles

    These are the best disposable nappies on the market. A little more expensive than most; if I had the money they are the only ones I would buy ever. I eke them out by buying cheap nappies and save these for nighttime use and days out. Only had one or two leaks when using them in almost two years. Brilliant!


  2. Baby bouncer: BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance

    This chair has been great from the start; our DD much preferred being able to see me while I was in the bathroom and making lunch etc - in fact, the first day we had this was the first day she didn't cry while I was taking a shower!


  3. Car seat and/or sling
    [depending on how you'll be getting around]: Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix/Kari-Me Baby Carrier

    Can't fault this car seat. Light yet durable, easy to lock into the base and our pushchair, and adjustable straps - handy with the little'un growing so quickly.


  4. Baby wipes: Tesco My Baby's Ultra Soft Wipes

    I love these wipes! A really good price and they're often on promotion so work out even cheaper! They are lovely and soft, have a very delicate fragrance and have never irritated my sons skin. Im really pleased with them.


  5. Cloth or disposable?

    The debate over cloth vs. disposable diapers is an enduring one.

    Babies wake up in cloth as soon as they are wet disturbing their sleep. I like using diapers when I know they are going to catch longer sleep.rest of the time cloth nappies

    There is so much misconception about cloth diapers. They aren't the little triangle cloths with safety pins anymore. They've come a long way! Given that they cost substantially less and are better for your child's heath and the environment I don't understand why anyone would not at least consider them. I can't wait until they become the norm again.


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  7. Some Outer layers:

    Sweaters, fleece jackets, and sweatshirts that zip up are easy to put on and take off. Many small children don't like pushing their head through a small neck opening.

    Buy larger sizes and look for items with loose armholes that won't require tugging and fussing. Hoods are helpful for this age – just slip one over your baby's head when the temperature is chilly.

    Avoid clothing that has dangling strings, tassels, and ribbons – these are choking hazards.


  8. Top highchair: Fisher-Price Space Saver

    You can use it from infant to toddler, and it doesn't take up a ton of room in the kitchen

    Bigger is not always better! This winner has all the helpful features of a full-size highchair with a smaller footprint. (It saves space by strapping onto a dining-room or kitchen-table chair.) I ranked it first in value, durability, and ease of use. It's easy to travel with and easy to clean, with a machine-washable cover and dishwasher-friendly tray.


  9. Breast Pump: Medela Pump in Style Advanced

    It's easy to use, effective, quiet, and has a sturdy and attractive carrying bag; It is almost an excellent everything. Best pump on the market!

    The description of it ifrom the company is:

    "Masterfully effective and efficient, this beauty makes pumping as hassle-free as possible. Moms gushed about its ease of use and durability — though it's expensive, you can use it for your next baby, too. Medela obviously has breast pumps down: The brand's Symphony and Freestyle models came in second and third among our moms."


  10. Hi I think you should included the private little swimming pool you had bought for your baby Kayla as one of the items in your essential list..

    I think that is great gift for any baby above 3 months old to get a better health while she enjoys the water exercise!

    I am so glad to see baby Kayla is growing up happily and healthily!


  11. Diapers and wipes and bottles are part of my everyday existence these days. Once you have a baby, there are some things that you use every single day that you just can't live without! A few of my favorite baby essentials include a diaper pail, wipe warmer, and a bottle from the awesome baby and kid brand, Munchkin, which provides so many of those little essentials that become a part of every day.
    When I'm away at work and not home to nurse Coco, these Latch bottles have been so helpful when giving her a bottle. The accordion nipple moves, stretches, and functions like the breast, helping her to latch easily and correctly and makes it easy to transition from breast to bottle and back.



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