Outfit: Dressing My Postpartum Body

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Its been a long time since I last did an outfit post; mainly because I had so much difficulty adjusting to my postpartum body and kept wanting to wait till I lost more weight :X I've lost about 9kg over the last 2 months and am still 6kg away from my pre-pregnancy weight, sighs. 

So anyway, I decided to order a bunch of clothing from taobao instead of continuously wearing my maternity clothes while waiting for my body to transform back into its original state (hopefully!). And am so happy that now I can order directly instead of having to go through an agent (more savings yay) ! 

Ever since I gave birth, comfort has also become a huge factor for me when picking what to wear. I think I've probably only worn heels twice so far, and its the comfortable chunky kind heh. Veering a lot towards soft and light fabrics as well, for some reason I find hot weather even more unbearable now! Soft fabrics also help to better conceal my wider postpartum hips (hate,hate, hate those hips!) :D Another problem I face is bigger boobs! A lot of my dresses are too short now and have to be worn as tops instead, BUT if i wear flare tops, I'd end up looking really big especially from the side :( So I've to find babydoll tops or those that are loose enough to conceal my tummy but not too flare. Online shopping now is pretty much a hit or miss, so thank God for taobao haha 

Outfit: Top - H&M / Dungaree - Taobao / Shoes - Zara / Bag - Givenchy


  1. Awwww, love it..
    You are beautiful


  2. Beautiful shots..may be you can smile more...you look so sweet!


  3. You are so amazing...as a new mama,
    you are unbelievably fantastic

    Your look is excellent as you are now...need mot to be thinner at all!


  4. Fantastic, you back to shape so fast!


  5. Hi, You are a pretty new mama!



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