Kayla 7 Weeks

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

My little Kayla bee is 7 weeks old and a handful now ♥︎ She's starting to wriggle, kick and smile a lot, and she makes lots of different baby sounds when we talk to her! She also has a ton of different facial expressions?! Honestly didn't expect babies to be this interactive before they can talk haha. Looking back at her older pictures, her faced has changed so much! Don't think she really looks like either of us right now (she used to look more like D). And she's about 4kg the last time we weighed her, which is almost twice her original weight! It's really tiring for me to carry her around for extended periods of time when she throws one of her crying fits. My arms are like constantly aching these days :/ But despite the sleep deprivation and body aches etc, I've never been happier :)

Happy baby!

Seriously love it when she smiles at me :D

Sleepy daddy and baby! And this carrier is Kayla's favourite place right now ♥︎

We succumbed to the pacifier because she's been crazy crying a lot recently due to colic :/ The doctor says its just part of growing up and will get better in time, but seeing her so upset even with colic drops is just heartbreaking! 

Soo happy whenever I see her looking back at me like this :)))

Wefie with baby!


  1. Time fly fast with the growth of a baby!

    Glad to hear about baby Kayla again :)


  2. Hi, cute little baby girl <3

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  3. lots of fun in raising children...we have 4 of them at a row lol

    have more fun, my dear!


  4. the look of her first picture looks so witty! Seems like she was concerned of her head ribbon was dropping off from her head ..hehe


  5. Omg...a lovely smiling baby!

    The joy of nursing a baby shall never ends <3


  6. Ugh love Her expressions!
    Never tire of a baby's facial expressions..


  7. AWWWW! HI baby Kayla and happy papa & mama

    Have a great beautiful family time


  8. Ah soooooo cute. We luv her

    Neil Granger

  9. Sweet.

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  10. Baby Kayla looked so tired with her sleepy eyes..and still tried to give a last shot before she could go back to her dreamland hehehe


    Niki Grenfell

  11. I share your joy with your new born.. never been happier :)


  12. Smiles and sounds abound as your baby soaks up stimuli
    and lets you know he loves the world around him.
    Enjoy your baby!


  13. Precious precious moments..

    Your little smarty-pants now is putting together consonants and vowels (ah-goo!) and rolling over (well, at least in one direction). She's likely smiling up a storm and maybe even laughing (the world's most delicious sound) or squealing in delight over Mommy's antics.

    Enjoy your moments


  14. Have lots of fun, Kayla and family!

    Maureen Lynch Walden

  15. Hi, some thoughts..

    Talk may be cheap but for a baby, conversation is invaluable, so chat her up. Tell her what you're doing ("I'm wiping your bottom!"); ask questions ("Whose toes are these?"); imitate the sounds she makes; and read aloud (her books or even yours!). For some parents, it's become clear by now that they have a challenging baby. What defines challenging? It could be an infant that's extremely active, unpredictable, high-intensity, or just seemingly unhappy. Take heart (most symptoms lessen considerably as babies grow) and there are many baby behavior strategies you can try to help your child (and yourself and your spouse in the process).

    Most of all, have fun and enjoy taking care of your baby!
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    The article says gas is normal but that if you encounter continuing problems to consult your pediatrician who can prescribe drops that help with gas in babies.


  17. It's the pain from the gas that's the problem. When our oldest daughter was an infant she had terrible pain from gas and we used the Mylecon drops and it helped her tremendously.


  18. Breast feed/burp them/ don't eat pizza when breast feeding


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  24. Congratulation for being a happy mama..

    Much <3 to you baby Kayla


  25. cute little one...Love :)



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