7 Designer Diaper Bag Ideas

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Transitioning into life as a new mom also means having to make some changes to your wardrobe; so it's probably time to swap out those mini chain bags for hardy diaper bags you'll end up using everyday. And no being a mother does not mean you have to give up your love for designer bags, here are some options for the bag obsessed bunch :) 

1. Burberry Haymarket Check Baby Changing Tote Bag

To be honest, I find this to be one of the nicer looking diaper bag designs around considering how limited the selections are. It's classic Burberry, easy to match and looks smart.

Price: SGD$1825
Get it here

2. Burberry Large Quilted Baby Changing Bag

Another piece by Burberry, in polyester this time. Simple classic black with gold-toned hardware.

Price: SGD$1150
Get it here

3. Baby Dior Nappy Bag

An insanely sweet looking baby bag by Dior; perfect for moms who love pastel, girly things.

Get it here 

4. Black Nylon Guccissima Diaper Bag

A no nonsense looking baby bag that dads can feel comfortable toting around as well.

Price: USD$1150
Get it here

5. Gucci Soho Leather Diaper Bag

Super sleek looking baby bag made of full leather with nylon straps, except full on leather might not be the wisest choice for a diaper bag? (In my opinion) For moms who value beauty more than function. 

Price: USD$1890
Get it here

6. Prada Nylon Baby Bag

Simple black piece that's big on utility.

Price: SGD$1812.91
Get it here

7. Kate Spade Grove Court Nylon Sasha Baby Bag

A cute fun piece that's easy to match and affordably priced. 

Price: USD$348
Get it here


  1. Awesome...Imagine having them with a cute baby around!
    I like the look of the sweet Baby Dior Nappy Bag more...
    but the Burberry Large Quilted Baby Changing Bag
    may be more practical with a baby around

    Fei Fei


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