Week 27 Pregnancy X OOTD

Saturday, November 15, 2014

"A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty"

For some reason time seems to pass me by a lot faster during pregnancy, now I'm officially one week away from my third trimester. Opting for a lot of loose casuals and flats now to accommodate my growing belly. Kayla's kicks are also becoming increasingly strong and frequent, am crossing my fingers she won't be an overly active child. 

We've been shopping a lot on Amazon as well, I think I overbought baby clothes. She probably has enough to last her for almost a year hehe. For mummies-to-be who reside in Singapore, we recently discovered that you can actually ship stuff to Singapore for free! So many baby things are way cheaper on Amazon than in stores in SG. Only downside is, to qualify for free shipping, your item must not be larger than 18" which means things like baby bathtubs and rockers are out of the question.

Some of baby's things ♥︎ Everything's so tiny!

Am also doing a little research on baby development :) Apparently the first two years of her life are the most important so things like textured infant books, stacking toys and rattles are a must! Also discovered that there are baby classes that you can attend with your baby where they get to move along to different tunes and play interactive games. Will share again after I'm done doing more research ♥︎ 


  1. Hi!I have put together a list of 25 things to do before your baby is born 1. Pick a birth announcement. 2. Gather addresses 3. Get a waterproof bed pad. Not for baby, for you 4. Pack your bags. 5. Get your carpets cleaned. I felt much better about our Little J rolling around on the floor 6. Pick a pediatrician.7. Pre-wash baby's clothes. The worrier in me ..if he ended up having sensitive skin.8. Invest in a nursing bra (or two). 9. A breast pump. 10. Make freezer meals. The last thing you want to do is make a hot meal for you and your husband. 11. Attend classes at your hospital. 12. Install baby's car seat. 13. Bake cookies for the nurses. That way they like you and will hopefully feel more inclined to give you that epidural when you are crying and feel like you can't take the contractions anymore. 14. Get 2 waterproof mattress pads for the crib. I am clever and put layered a mattress pad and then a fitted sheet, and then another mattress pad and another fitted sheet. That way, when Little J wets the bed or throws up in the middle of the night, I can just pull the first layer off and he still has another protective layer there in case it happens again. 15. Paint your nails. This may seem silly, but you are going to be taking a lot of pictures at the hospital holding your new baby! 16. Buy some "in-between" clothes. 17. Look through your baby's baby book. There are usually sections you can fill out before your baby is born about you and Daddy, 18. Charge your camera battery. 19. Do a test run to the hospital.20. Stock up on hand sanitizer. Maybe it's just the germaphobe in me. It was really nice to always have some for people to use before they held him, especially right after he was born before he had any immunizations. 21. Make your birth plan..22. Get a special baby notebook and folder. After your baby is born you get a lot of handouts and information. It is really helpful to have a special place to store papers and write down all of the things you are told, because you are definitely not going to remember everything they tell you right before you are discharged and sent home. 23. Get a package of milk freezer bags. If you are going to have a pump, having a box of milk storage freezer bags is really helpful. I Sometimes you will just get engorged and it hurts super bad and you will need to pump even a little bit so that you can sleep at night. 24. Look up a newborn photographer and baby poses. Or, if you want to save money but still want pictures of your perfect baby, you can look on Pinterest at the many tutorials on how to photograph babies on your own. 25. Make Daddy feel special. A lot of times the mom gets pampered and showered and the dad can feel left out. Let him know how much you appreciate him.

  2. Babies come when they are ready, and when they do, it is an incredible experience.

    Be relax and enjoy your special experience now!!!


  3. "A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty" So true.
    I like your post. Be fulfilled and be satisfied.
    That was the unspeakable feelings when I finally held my baby in my arm,

    Many wonderful years ahead of you and your family

    Alice Weiss


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