Mt Elizabeth Novena Maternity Ward Tour

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last week D and I finally went for the maternity ward tour at Mount Elizabeth Novena :)
Mt E Novena has been our hospital of choice right from the very beginning when we were looking through all the available information online, and it definitely did not disappoint. Our gynae, Dr Wendy Teo from Wendy Women's Clinic is also based there so it's very convenient for us! 

A little background information

For those of you who don't already know, here's some background information!
Mt E Novena basically only provides 1-bedders, and they come in regular suites and penthouse junior suits. After comparing prices with other private hospitals like Gleneagles and Mount Alvernia, I found their price comparable to the other 1-bedders offered elsewhere, but with better facilities and overall ambience. Their new maternity ward only opened in March this year so everything is modern and brand-new!

Our tour started off at their delivery suites located on level 3. This is where you'll be resting in while waiting for baby to come! The room is complete with all the equipment you'll need as well as a pullout sofa for your husband and a tv for entertainment. There will be delivery nurses in here to tend to you as well, these are experienced nurses with about 37 years of experience previously from Mount Alvernia. Over here they have a strict policy so they don't hire trainees of any kind :)

Operating theatres are also located on level 3, so if there's any emergency you can be rushed into the operating rooms in the shortest amount of time! 

This is the single room suite, which pretty much looks like a hotel room with a hospital bed heh. The price includes meals and lodging for your husband, as well as a first round of mini-bar food and drinks, along with a maternity gown. The sofa you see in the picture is actually a pull-out bed for your husband! Overall it looks comfortable and bright, really like it :)

A picture of the ensuite toilet. 

Your baby will be kept in the nursery on the same level, so it's very convenient for you to see baby or to bring baby back to the room during feeding time! There is also a parent craft room on the same level where you and your husband will learn the basics of swaddling and baby care, classes are free ♥︎ If you'd like your baby to sleep in your room, you can send in a request one month before your EDD so they can make the necessary arrangements. 

The final stretch of the tour consisted of visiting the penthouse junior suites. This is as luxurious as it gets! All penthouse junior suites are located on a separate floor, featuring apartment sized rooms that can accommodate you, your husband and an additional companion. 

To conclude this post, I've included the prices for the different room types below for mummies who are considering giving birth here as well :) All prices are inclusive of GST and medisave claimable.

Single Room
Normal Delivery ( 2 days ) - $3058.00
Normal Delivery with Epidural ( 2 days ) - $3673.00
Normal Delivery with Epidural ( 4 days ) - $4901.00
Elective Caesarean ( 3days ) - $5348.00
Emergency Caesarean ( 3 days ) - $5933.00

Junior Suite
Normal Delivery with Epidural ( 3 days ) - $7276.00
Caesarean ( 4 days ) - $11556.00

Overall we really liked the service and ambience at Mount Elizabeth Novena. They also offer pre-registration services so on your day of labour you can just rush straight to the delivery suite without having to worry about paperwork :)

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  2. Thanks for the info. It is very helpful. We are planning to have a baby and we might contact your gynae, Dr Wendy Teo right from the very beginning and will also choose Mount Elizabeth Novena as our hospital in due time. I have been following your blog and enjoy so much of your posting. I am very exciting of the idea that finitely I am growing up again start from the moment of the conception of a new life within me...and going through re-living my life with the motherhood experience....It is just awesome :-)
    Wishing you and your husband all the happiness and satisfaction with this new born in your family.

    Kathy from Bishan Singapore

    1. Hi Kathy, congratulations and thank you for your kind comments, and also for reading my blog! Pregnancy/motherhood is a wonderful transition and I truly hope you'd find it very rewarding :)


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