Week 22 Pregnancy

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week has been absolutely wonderful for me! I've been well enough to go out almost everyday and I got to eat a bunch of yummy food without gagging :D Now that I typed this out, it sounds a little ridiculous how something I did so easily before seems like such a feat now. Nevertheless am really happy lately, I feel like I've finally reached the silver lining after trudging through a super dark cloud. 

Baby's a lot bigger this week measuring about 15cm in length! I feel like she's being folded and stuffed into a box because my womb looks like its too small for her now.

We thought she looked like she could potentially be a gymnast in the future, so flexible omg! My friend told me she should be smart because her head is so big haha. Ultrasounds just makes me so excited to meet her, can't wait! We've also finally reached a decision on her name, she's going to be baby Kayla ♥︎ It was either that or Hailey, but we ended up liking Kayla more! 

As for me, I've gained a total of 4.5kg throughout the pregnancy! And I'm only halfway there O.O My only hope is that my weight gain would not start showing on my face soon, as of now I think my face, arms and legs still looks pretty much the same. Most people I meet can't seem to tell that I'm pregnant as well, not sure if it's the clothes I've been wearing? I do kinda wish that my bump was more obvious though, so I can totally exercise my pregnancy rights hehe. 

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  1. Be patient. the best things happen unexpectantly.


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