7 Most Forgotten Wedding Costs

Friday, June 13, 2014

So while planning for my wedding, a lot of 'hidden' costs continuously popped up on my wedding budget list that I did not prepare for. Thought it'll be helpful to share some of these with other brides-to-be so you can better budget for your wedding! 

1. Postage 

Yes you've budgeted printing costs or perhaps even customised design costs, but it costs money to send those invitations out as well! Depending on weight, each card could easily set you back by $0.50 (here in Singapore) and multiply that by the number of guests you're inviting, you have a substantial number to add to your budget list. 

2. Gifts for Family

Most wedding couples here would present a small gift to their parents and/or family members during the wedding banquet. Sometimes, overwhelmed by all the love you're experiencing from them during the preparation period, one can get too carried away shopping for beautiful gifts. 

3. Wedding Outfits for the Family

Not everyone owns a great suit or a beautiful gown. Would you want to buy your parents or family members a fab new outfit for the wedding? One suit or evening dress alone will probably set you back by a few hundred, multiply that by 4. 

4. The Bridesmaids

So you've included the budget for "angpow", the banquet dinner, perhaps a complimentary room for your helpers at the hotel. But, what about bridesmaids dresses? Are you providing one or two? And also, will you need to hire a make-up artist and hairstylist for all your bridesmaids as well? A makeup and hair package for bridesmaids can easily cost $100 per head! 

5. Wedding Accessories

Initially I thought all I needed was a wedding and evening gown. And while my gowns were being made, suddenly I had to think of wedding shoes! On top of that, I needed to buy jewellery to match my gowns as well. For those of you who are wearing sheer gowns, would you need to buy specific undergarments for your dress? What about the cost to rent a veil? It just keeps adding up. 

6. Pre-wedding Skincare

I'm sure all brides would want to look their prettiest on their wedding day. So on top of your actual day makeup, you'd probably want to go for facial treatments or splurge on quality skincare to ensure that your face is in tip-top condition when you stand at the altar. Depending on individual, these additional treatments could amount from $50 - $5000. Be sure to include that in your budget! 

7. Including yourself in the final count

Too many times couples forget to include themselves in the final count for the banquet. Although it's your big day, you don't get to eat for free. Remember to factor that in your budget list! 

Hope this was useful ♥︎


  1. Good list, I forgot a heap of stuff when I got married as well lol xx

  2. I am a wedding planner and I agree with your thoughts. I have organized so many weddings and I know that these days’ people prefer destination wedding at very beautiful and unique venues.


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