Tips On Picking Your Wedding Rings

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Picking out wedding rings may be daunting, afterall this would be the significant ring that symbolises a couple's eternal commitment ♥︎

1. Set A Rough Budget

Weddings are generally very expensive, and it's important to work within a budget both are comfortable with! 

2. Decide On The Material, Form and Function

Since this would be your rings for life, it's important to also take into account what kind of design and material your fiancé would like, and whether it suits your lifestyle! Gold, white gold or platinum? Will you be wearing this everyday? Does this design complement your daily lifestyle? Example: A rounded-edge ring would probably be better suited for sports enthusiasts.

3. See As Much As You Can

Try not to limit yourselves and visit as many jewellery stores as you can! Initially, Daniel and I limited ourselves to either Tiffany & Co or Cartier. And we're so glad we made the effort to visit other jewellery stores as well, because we ended up finding our ideal rings at Bvlgari! Many times you won't really be able to tell how the ring would actually look on your finger until you've tried it on. 

4. Factor In Time For Alterations

If you have unusually tiny fingers like me, you'd probably have to alter your ring at most fine jewellery stores. For example, Cartier (Singapore) only carries ring sizes 44 and up. Unfortunately I'm a size 43, so I'd have to wait between 6months - 1year for them to remake one in my size. And on top of that I'd have to top up extra money (depending on the design)! :/ Other jewellery stores I've visited does not take as long, but in general they all take about 3 - 4 months to remake one in my size. 

Links of Bridal Jewelry Stores:

I hope this was useful! x
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