Singapore Bridal Studios (Part 2) - Beautiful Love / Di Gio Bridal

Monday, January 27, 2014
Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love Weddings is one of those bridal studios that carries both in-house and designer gowns.   They have a pretty wide selection with a variety of colours to choose from. I got to try on a poofy Vera Wang gown recommended by the sales lady, it however, did not look flattering on me. I did see a few interesting gowns, but overall the designs they brought in didn't appeal to me.

Some pictures I snagged from their site :)

70 Tras Street
Singapore 079009

Contact: 6423 9366

Di Gio Bridal

This was one of the studios I looked forward to visiting after reading lots of rave reviews online. They have a really wide selection of gowns filling up both their first and second floors. There were tons of people at the store either looking through their wedding shoots or trying on gowns.

Despite having a large variety to choose from, I didn't like the workmanship of the gowns. A lot of the gowns felt like they were mass manufactured. Even under the dim yellow spotlights upstairs, you could still see the hemline not done properly with tulle popping up along the edges and then falling unflatteringly down the dress. In my opinion, it you'd get a better deal by topping up a little bit more for a higher quality gown from a reputable designer. 

69 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088490

Contact: 62251612

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