Guide: Wedding Gown Silhouette

Monday, January 27, 2014

Picking out the perfect gown is a headache for brides! It can get very frustrating with so many choices being thrown at you and so many people telling you a bunch of different things each time you try on a gown. Most of the time, the gown you had in mind will end up looking very different when you see yourself in it in the mirror. So exactly which silhouette is best for your body type? 

Here's a rough guide! 

1. The Ballgown

Feature: A fitted bodice with a very wide full skirt
Body Type: Suitable for taller girls or pear-shaped figures
Pros: Hides the hips and shows off an hourglass figure
Cons: This type of silhouette will overpower petite frames

2. A-Line

Feature: Creates the letter "A", fitted bodice with a flare skirt
Body Type: Generally fits most body types
Pros: Simple and classic, slimming, a wide variety of gowns are made in this cut
Cons: Not ideal for girls with a skinny frame

3. Trumpet

Feature: Hugs the body and flares above the knee
Body Type: Ideal for small waists and petites
Pros: Creates more shape for an otherwise bony looking frame
Cons: Not for fuller frames as it accentuates stomach and hip area

4. Mermaid

Feature: Hugs the body and flares below the knee
Body Type: Ideal for hourglass figures
Pros: A sexy cut that shows off your curves!
Cons: Not for fuller body types and not slimming

5. Empire Waist

Feature: Raised Waistline 
Body Type: For shorter girls, pear-shaped figures, boyish figures
Pros: Elongates the body creating a taller illusion, hides stomach and big hips, enhances bust
Cons: Not ideal for girls with fuller busts

6. Peplum

Feature: Short overskirt that covers the hip
Body Type: Works for most body types as it can be seen on a variety of silhouettes
Pros: Hides stomach and creates curves 
Cons: The trick about looking good in a peplum dress is getting one whose overskirt length fits your body type, otherwise it would make your body look disproportionate. 

7. Column / Sheath

Feature: Fabric skims the body and falls straight down
Body Type: Slim body shapes
Pros: Elongates body, timeless
Cons: Not for curvy, fuller body types as this silhouette does not hide stomach and hips. Movement might be more restricted as compared to wearing other silhouettes.

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