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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello! I finally got my new Chanel WOC back after a week ♥ Thanks to ColorWash it's now fully protected with the High-Density Transparent Coating

This is my first Chanel hehe , so it's super precious! A good friend of mine helped me to buy it back from Paris, and it's a seasonal WOC :D Initially I wanted either a boy or a classic mini flap, but both were sold out. Call it a blessing in disguise, but this is way better for me. It's larger than the usual WOCs and comes with gunmetal hardware!! 
Superrr happy ♥ 

After coating it, my bag feels exactly the same as before. So you guys don't have to worry about the coating affecting the leather on your bags :) I am really not good at taking care of bags, so now at least I can rest easy knowing that food stains and stuff will be easily dabbed away with a little bit of water leaving no permanent stains on my bag.

ColorWash is also launching a special Christmas gift set for the holiday season :) This awesome gift set worth $185 will be retailing at $98 ( almost half the price :O ) ! It includes professional cleaning, transparent coating services (voucher) and a leather-cleaning wipe. Promotion till 24th Dec, while stocks last!

If you guys wish to know more about ColorWash's protective coating for your bags, you can read more about it from my previous post here!

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