Lucid Dreams

Monday, September 30, 2013

" a dream state in which one is conscious enough to recognize that one is in the dream state and which stays in one's memory"

Recently I received an interesting request to do an outfit post inspired by the theme, Lucid Dreams. Coincidently, I experienced a lucid dream not too long ago! But I didn't realize there was a term for it until now hehh. I've always thought these kind of dreams are just my imagination running wild while I'm drifting in and out of a half awake state. So, thank you for this request, learnt so much from it!

It's magical, it's fluid and it allows you to experience the world through a different filter

To me, lucid dreams fuses your innermost desires with your subconscious state, allowing you to enter into a perfect world where everything happens just the way you want it to.


Outfit: Top and Mesh Skirt - Julien

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