[Sponsored] ColorWash 10th Anniversary X Product Launch

Friday, September 27, 2013

If you, like me, am a leather fanatic and would go berserk if you find pen ink or food stain marks on your precious bag, then this post is for you!

Last Thursday, I was invited to the ColorWash 10th Anniversary Party ♥
Spent a lovely evening learning more about protecting my bags :)

ColorWash recently launched it's new protection technology and opened two new branches in Singapore, a total of 10 outlets all around the country right now!

High-Density Transparent Coating is the first in the industry to incorporate silicone into transparent coating, and it's twice as effective in protecting your thousand dollar bags from water and food stains.

To me, this was the most impressive part of the demonstration. Look at the difference between the coated and uncoated parts of this Chanel! The chilli sauce was easily removed with a spritz of water leaving no stains, while cleaning with water only made the uncoated parts worse. Wow.

Have you ever experienced getting dark ugly watermarks on your bag after getting caught in the rain? With the coating, the water slides off the leather easily and your bag looks as good as new! Impressive yes?

Imagine saving hundreds of dollars from cleaning services :O 
Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Here's us with the super friendly ladyboss Gemma :)

Thank you ColorWash for such a wonderful evening, and also for the complimentary trial of this new technology (which I will be blogging about after trying!) ♥

If you're interested in getting your bag protected..
High-Density Transparent Coating is available at $120

To celebrate the new store openings, 
High Transparent Coating is available at a 50% off ($60) at selected outlets:
Asia Square Tower 2 - 30th Sept to 13th Oct
Katong V - 25th Oct to 8th Nov

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