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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breaking-in my shiny red shoes! 
If only they were magical like the ones Dorothy has  

I used to be one of those girls who spends all her money on clothing and rewears one pair of strappy flats, one pair of slippers, and occasionally a pair of black heels haha. I've come a long way since then, and developed a mild obsession for shoes :) I'm still unwilling to pay for expensive shoes unless of course they're JCs (yes, Jeffrey Campbell is considered pricey to me) or a pair that I absolutely cannot imagine living without. 
Usually I try to keep my shoe budget under $100! 

Here's a list of places which sells shoes under $100:

1. - they frequently hold sales and the deals are pretty awesome, free shipping!
2. - measure carefully before ordering! it's very expensive to exchange :/ 
3. H&M - frequent sales!
4. NewLook - the quality is probably not the best, but if you're lucky you may find treasure!
5. - low shipping rates, and good selection under the sale rack
6. The Editor's Market - the more stuff you buy the cheaper it gets, love their designs :)


Close your eyes and tap your heels 3 times.
And think to yourself there's no place like home..
- A Quote from Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz -

Outfit: Lincoln Dress - Julien / Quilted Bag - Zara / Accessories - Julien / Red Shoes - Thrifted

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