Easter Bunnies!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brought my silly little bunny boy out yesterday to meet some new bunny friends! 
Here's snippets of the playdate ♥

A quick shot of bunny in the car just before entering the house! 

A very curious and excited Marshall when we first entered the room with our bunny-filled carriers! Haha

Slippy and Marshall hit it off real fast! 
My bunny felt really unhappy and refused to mingle with the bigger boys :/ 
Thank God there was another bunny his size :D

Quinn was such a sweetheart; grooming and snuggling him trying to make him feel better despite his constant thumping!

Marshall and Slippy were having their own fun on the other side of the room, don't they look so darn cute together? *o*

Two baby bunnies trancing on me lol

Bunny still holding on to his treat despite being flipped over!

Surrounded by so many bunnies this Easter, #happygirl !
Hope you guys are all having a wonderful Easter weekend ♥


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