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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello! One question I get asked a lot is which apps am I using to filter my photos, so today I will be sharing my 6 favourite iphone photo editing apps :)

I'm constantly exploring new photo apps (because I'm such a vainpot), and these are the ones I constantly go back to!

Here's an unfiltered picture of me taken with not-so-ideal lighting hence the sallow skin.

Starting with camera360 :)
I usually use camera360 as a base filter because it offers a super awesome feature, MAGIC SKIN! I rarely touch the other effects hehe

Here are some examples of the magic skin effect. 
There are 2 skin whitening effects depending on how fair you'd want to go.
The problem with the H-whitening is that it sometimes over-exposes your picture making it less sharp. There is also the Sweet effect which I sometimes use for selfies for that pale vintage look ✌

Next up is Morebeaute2, a must-have for the lazy girl hehe
A straightforward app which instantly smooths, brightens and evens your skin tone! I prefer using this for casual self-shots instead of outfit shots because the smoothing can go a little over sometimes and blurs the photo.

And here we have my trusty Fotor, I use this for almost every photo!
Fotor has a wide variety of filters (especially lomo ones), and it allows you to view all the different ones at a glance and toggle the intensity as well.

My favourite effect is Pale-Ocre, it desaturates the entire photo leaving only the pink hues, super love! I like to use it on top of either L-whitening (cam360) or morebeaute2 because it doesn't help in skin-tone and works best on brighter pictures. In this example below, I used it on top of morebeaute2.

The next one I'll be sharing is Instastitch, the app I use to combine images and create mirror effects :) I love this because it's extremely easy to use!
(1:1 ratio is the one that fits perfectly unto Instagram)

You can flip the images whichever way you like after adding the photo into a frame. You can also easily toggle away the borders or change its colour.

Sometimes you might take some photos which can't fit into Instagram's fixed square, so here's my solution: Whitagram :) Simply add your picture in and you'll get that lovely white background. They even have a #whitagram gallery on Instagram showcasing all the gorgeous creations done with this app!

Finally, the last app I'm going to share with you is Typesetter. I only recently discovered this app and am still playing around with it. 
I like that it offers the circle frame and it's also easy to add text unto your picture (am totally digging the fonts).

I hope this was helpful!
Do share your favourite photo editing apps with me too ♥

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