Meet Captain Bunny

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Everyone meet Captain Bunny! The newest member of my furry family :)
I've had him for about a week and a half now, and I'm so in love!

He completely changed my perspective on bunnies hehe, I used to be scared of them because most I've encountered bites ☠☠☠

This is when we first saw him!
(His ears haven't lopped yet, so you had to gently push it down for it to stay lopped 
just long enough for a picture)

Bunny's new home (BIG MISTAKE)!
We thought a playpen would be better than a cage so he'd have more space to roam about, BUT he manages to squeeze his way out all the time. (Explains the paper I stuck all over the sides). It's also tougher to clean because he would pee on the floor and risk stepping on it.

TIP: A cage is more ideal for a start, because it aids toilet-training and prevents the bunny from hurting himself while trying to escape the pen. It's also much easier to clean the cage while the bunny is still learning to use the litterbox!

Our first picture together!

Bunny accompanying me while I do my work :)


Bunny actually likes to be picked up and petted, which is supposed to be odd for bunnies. Now he'd continuously nudge me while I'm doing my work for me to pick him up so he can nap on my lap! 

Interesting fact: Rabbits are able to sleep with their eyes open, so it's hard to tell when they're sleeping. A dead giveaway that their asleep is when their noses stop twitching/wiggling!

I currently also own 2 dogs and a cat :)
Here's Fay getting to know Bunny (probably the closest they've been to each other so far). Most of the time Fay either ignores Bunny or bolts when he gets too close to her. Somehow she seems terrified of Bunny, really do hope they'll get along one day :/

Bunnies grow really fast, he's already slightly larger than my palm now!

I've been reading a lot on bunnies lately and here's a website that I really like:

Rabbits101 on youtube also offers a lot of useful videos for bunny owners :)

Captain bunny is a broken torte Holland Lop Bunny ♡

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