How are the kids doing?

Saturday, June 02, 2018
How are the kids doing?
I feel like I haven't done this in a really long time. Chronicling my girls' milestones was the essence of this blog a long time ago.. still remember those days when I was updating my pregnancy diary weekly hehe. Really nice to look back on those posts because I honestly can't remember most of the feelings I had then already. 

My Kayla is now 3years old and Tiffany is 1.5years old!

Time really flies omg. Tiffany recently started school as well so I'm spending all my weekdays ferrying them back and forth. It's honestly quite tiring.. don't know how our grandparents/parents could do that daily for years heh. But I know someday these daily car rides will be a good memory for all of us.. the random jokes, singing along to all kinds of nursery rhymes together, daily squabbles between both girls etc. 

Kayla can talk A LOT now hahaha.. phrases like "Oh my gosh mama", "don't be silly" or "this is so cool papa!" really took us by surprise! Suspecting she learnt it from watching all the videos on youtube lol. The teachers also told me she's matured quite a bit and seem to understand situations better. She's also made some friends in school and we've been going on more playdates lately too which is fun for all of us.

Tiffany is still hyper as always and still a foodie.. the teachers told me she's eating double portion for all the meals in school LOL. She's able to call us "papa" "mama" and "jiejie" now too hehe. To be honest watching Tiffany grow up is like watching Kayla 2.0 hahaha.. she's like loving all the youtube shows that Kayla loved when she's 18m too and going through the milestones in a similar way? 

As a mother I guess I'm just really trying to embrace and enjoy this stage.. ferrying them back and forth, bringing them out for activities, worrying about whether they have meals prepared and if they are too spoilt for their own good lol. Every phase in their lives there's something new to be concerned about.. but I really like that since Tiffany is older and able to better express herself now, we've been able to have more "quality" time together as a family of four. Like she's able to really interact and play with us more these days hehe

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