Discover Europe with Sesame Street at Changi Airport

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Fun Sesame Street Kids event going on at Changi Airport from 25th May to 24th June!

We popped by a few days ago to try some of the activities and the kids had loads of fun hehe
Highlight for us is this Bob-Sleigh Ride at T3
A parent will have to accompany your child on this if your child is under 5

There are 2 obstacle courses, the winding one is for older kids

Attached the redemption process for this ride below :)

There's also a shopping area next to the rides if you're keen to get any Sesame Street stuff for your kids 

Don't miss out the giant Gachapon Stations near the Sesame Street Live Show area as well! The kids were going crazy over this hehe

Here's my friend and her son at the Sesame Street Live Show Meet n Greet! Kayla was too scared to go up loll

This event is definitely something fun for parents to do together with their family and friends on weekends, we had fun! Thanks Changi Airport for hosting us :)

For more information click here !

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