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Saturday, April 14, 2018
Hello! Sharing a little more about where I color my hair and go for treatments with you guys today  :) I've been going to NK Hairworks for a few months now and the stylist I usually go to is Kevin, he's really good! 

One thing I really like about NK Hairworks is their focus on treatments - hair health is very important if you want to achieve the color you want!

Most recent treatment I've tried is their new HR-II Hair Rejuvenation Treatment - exclusively available at Plaza Singapura outlet.

HR-II is a high-tech non-invasive treatment specially designed for hair's growth and scalp care. It not only improves the quality and health of hair, but also encourages hair growth and is anti-hair loss. It's clinically proven to increase the blood flow of scalp nutrient cell by 60%!

One other thing to ask for when colouring your hair is the Smartbond dye! This is available at all NK Hairworks salons :) This smartbond treatment is added into your hair dye so it's a lot less damaging than if you were to just color your hair normally. 

Current hair colour - Ash Brown Balayage

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