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Sunday, April 29, 2018
Kayla has been a Mulberry student for some time now and Tiffany would soon be starting school in May! 

Here's me sharing my experience so far :)
Disclaimer: These pictures are photographed at Mulberry Learning OUE Shenton Way but my children attend another centre - (click here if you're interested!)

What I like about Mulberry Learning?
I'm gonna try to be as unbiased as possible for this k! :) Well for me I believe that a good principal and good teachers play a big part when choosing a centre, but ultimately I think it's more important to consider the management curating the employment of these teachers and principals. Just being honest (and I hope I don't offend anyone!), it is a known fact there is always a chance the principal or teacher you like might leave the centre, but the chance of the higher management team completely changing is much lower. And these are the people who are the ones conducting the interviews and making sure that every single person who joins the team believes in the brand culture and follows the curriculum. 

The Mulberry preschool brand is managed by GlobalEduHub - a strong company that manages over 14 brands across 3 countries. This dedicated team ensures that every single principal or teacher that joins Mulberry Learning is of good calibre and follows their curriculum closely. And this sets my heart at ease.

Another thing I like about Mulberry centres is the aesthetics hahaha (please don't judge me). All the newer Mulberry centres are constructed with lots of wood finishes and decorated beautifully, absolutely love the natural look!

I mean just look at how gorgeous this indoor playground at Mulberry Shenton Way is!

Learning at this age should be fun, and I think the children are a lot happier in a super fun and beautiful environment too! 

Cooking corner

Reading corner

Here's myself and a mummy friend who's girl goes to a Mulberry Centre too! 

Mulberry's teaching involves a blend of Reggio Emilia-inspired project learning, multiple intelligences and Habits of Mind - this sort of project-play learning is the kind that encourages creativity and freedom which I really like! 

If you're interested to find out more, do head over to 

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