Picnic Day at Marina Barrage

Friday, August 18, 2017
This was probably the most random thing I did recently but I had such a great time last weekend at Marina Barrage :) Initial plan was just Kayla and I tagging along with my friend and her boyfriend while they flew their drone hehe. Then it became a group thing when my other friend decided to come along with her son too, and then it progressed to becoming a picnic, and then I was like "omg I have to bring Tiffany along" hahaha

So happy we got to take some beautiful pictures before the sunset started going down and it got really crowded :)

Tip - bring lots of wet wipes and tissue, and extra plastic bag for trash if you intend to picnic there with toddlers! 

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  1. What can beat a fun day to a child when they can spend a care free time running about in a vast safe place with their mommies..... Beautiful mamas, enjoy more of such wonderful moments with your young children as much as possible before they all suddenly grown up so fast...



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