Korea 2016: Pororo Park Indoor Playground

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Hello! Sharing and reviewing the 2 Pororo Parks we visited during our recent Korea trip because visiting the Pororo Park in Korea with Kayla was high on our priority list hahaha. Kayla's been to the one in Singapore twice and she absolutely loved it to the point she didn't really want to leave heh, so we thought it'd be really fun for her to go check out the ones in Korea! 

Pororo Lounge Coex Mall
I personally preferred the Pororo Lounge at Coex Mall because it feels soooo new! Everything is so clean and bright haha. Only downside was that it was smaller than the one in Singapore and the other we went to at Dongtan. 

There's a Pororo cafe and store just outside the play area and also cafe seating inside the play area so parents can watch over their kids while sipping on their coffees :)

Kayla's favourite ball pit! Love the white balls!

This Pororo Park was a lifesaver for us because our plans got scrapped that day due to rainy weather. Didn't help that Kayla was superrrr cranky as well! So we were super thankful that this Pororo Park was conveniently located inside Coex Mall, and we can let her just go in and expand her energy before she drifts off for her afternoon nap heh. 

Located at B2 Coex Mall

Pororo Park Dongtan
This Pororo Park is definitely more dated than the one at Coex but it's much bigger as well! There's the Pororo train, Shark Pit, a bouncing station, lots of slides etc :) 

We went on a weekend so it was really crowded lol

Here's how the Pororo cafe at this park looks like and there are also mini "rides" for kids on the left hand side, have to pay extra for those though! 

Most of the parents were just sitting around different areas of the park using their phones while the kids play hahaha

Kayla exploring a mini tunnel :D

This Pororo Park is located at Dongtan Metapolis Mall

Overall I think its worth it to include a visit to one of the Pororo Indoor Playgrounds in Korea when travelling with a toddler; it's not expensive, fun for the kids and expands baby's energy in a safe environment for a few hours! 


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