Korea 2016 - Everland (Caribbean Bay) With Toddler

Friday, August 19, 2016

We finally visited Everland - Caribbean Bay during our recent Korea trip because Kayla loves swimming and water parks! Caribbean Bay is a water theme park but also under the Everland Park umbrella of theme parks. Its actually located just next to the main Everland theme park, 5-10mins walk away :) There's both an indoor and outdoor section so it's a great place to visit even during hot summers or cold winters! 

The shuttle bus from the carpark dropped us off outside Everland so we had to walk over to Caribbean Bay :) One regret was.... NOT BRINGING THE STROLLER ALONG lol. Parents if you are going with toddlers, I highly recommend you bring a light stroller along because its really tiring to carry baby all the way haha. There's a stroller parking area just outside Caribbean Bay so don't worry about having to lug it everywhere while playing! 

We started Kayla off with the indoor pool! 

There's an area you can rent beach chairs from so if you don't want to swim with your kids you can just sit by the side to watch them :) 

Unfortunately, it was soooo crowded they were out of beach chairs when we were there lol. So my stepmom and I ended up just sitting by the side of the pool while D swam with Kayla :)

I ended up joining in for the riverway haha, thought D and I looked way more excited for this in the picture than Kayla! To be honest, I didn't expect the entire ride to be so long, think we took 20-30mins just to float back to our original spot. It was really fun for Kayla though, she even held on to my big float and kicked on her own for awhile! 

The park is huge! So many rides that we didn't get to try cos Kayla is too young and I'm pregnant lol, feel a bit sad for D heh. Think this water park is really worth it if you go with older children! 

I was most amused by this section, there were a few pools just for jacuzzi! This area was literally full from the time we arrived till the time we left, and I can totally understand why lol. Such a good place to relax at while the kids play next time! 

Kayla completely exhausted by the end of the day haha

And we all got to enjoy yummy ice cream while baby sleeps!

Here are the ticket prices if you're interested in heading down to Caribbean Bay as well!

More information here:


  1. First time seeing so many choices of water pools in one theme park..amazing!


  2. Wish my baby can enjoy such a treat too!


  3. yeah, great satisfaction lol...


  4. YES, never never forget to bring a light stroller along wherever you go when you are with a TODDLER; it helps a lot lol!!!


  5. Never being to Korea before... sound very interesting!


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