Sydney 2016 - SEA LIFE Aquarium / Featherdale Wildlife Park / Blue Mountains

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hello! Here's part 2 of my Sydney trip series ♥︎ 

SEA LIFE Aquarium (Darling Harbour)
Visiting the aquarium was on the top of my Sydney must-do list because Kayla was really into the fishes when we had dinner at Cat Cora (post here). But to be honest, Sea Life Sydney was a huge disappointment, totally not worth the entrance fees IMO. We paid about AUD$40 each and left in about 1-1.5hrs lol, there was really nothing much for us to see and Kayla fell asleep halfway through the walk. 

This aquarium might be more suitable for older children because there are lots of educational walks/displays with talks going on here and there. Sadly, Kayla is too young for it and the adults were more interested in hoping to see more varieties of marine life haha. I honestly feel that you'd be able to see more interesting varieties of marine creatures at the Singapore Aquarium. We didn't even get to see the Dugongs that seemed to be the highlight of Sea Life Sydney heh. 

Us taking more photos here to make our $$'s worth hahaha

So anyway, if you are still interested in checking out this place, please consider getting the bundle tickets for a few different attractions because it's way more worth it! 

More information here:

The good thing about this aquarium is that it is conveniently located at Darling Harbour! And I love this place hahaha. It's full of pretty cafes and there's lots to do for the little one - playground, mini carnival with a carousel, theatre etc. My only regret is that we didn't get to spend enough time here hehe. If you're in the area do also consider dropping by Lindt Chocolate Cafe; their hot chocolate and waffles is yummmms! :)

Featherdale Wildlife Park
This place is handsdown my favourite stop from this trip! So so glad we made it there haha. It was really crowded though, so if you don't want to have to queue to take photos with the koalas you might want to plan a trip here on a weekday instead. 

Wallabies! You can purchase $2 cones to feed all the kangaroos and wallabies around the park ♥︎

First selfie with a koala!!!

There are lots of koalas all around the park hehe, and they are sooo much bigger than I expected! Kayla was really scared when we tried to ask her to pet one hahaha

She was more open to interacting with the kangaroos though heh. There were lots of other animals around the park as well like the Tasmanian Devil, penguins, tons of birds, dingos etc. But the highlight was definitely the koalas and kangaroos! This place is totally worth a visit because the variety of animals is pretty extensive and there's lots of opportunities for kids to interact with them safely :) 

More information here:

Tip: Featherdale is on the way to the Blue Mountains so you might want to schedule it in as a stopover 

Blue Mountains
Isn't this view gorgeous? ♥︎♥︎

I've come to appreciate scenic views a lot more these days haha, I remember when I was much younger I really couldn't be bothered lol. Looking at this, I just feel wowed by how creative and amazing God is to be able to create something so majestic. 

Hehe we also managed to catch this stunning sunset just before making the drive back down to the city! Really really very beautiful! 

Tip: There's a gigantic Woolworths supermarket at the town area of Katoomba; if you're travelling with toddlers you can drop by there first to change diapers etc and get whatever necessities you need :)


  1. What an interesting family's trip ... Yes, priceless fun times with children on board always...
    and yup, gorgeous Blue Mountain..beyond description!

  2. Our favorite places for our family trip too...


  3. Fun and fascinating Sydney's trip indeed...
    Happy for your family!

  4. Inspiring! Would like to save up and make a family trip to Sydney too...


  5. Pictures are very well taken .... your baby are so fortunate to visit the world in this young age!

  6. Glad that you enjoyed seeing Australia's wildlife while you were here. It reminds me that there's more to working at the self storage units over the weekdays when you remember all the types of different creatures that call Australia home.


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