Sydney 2016 - Harbour Ferry Ride / Fish Market / Bondi Beach

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hello! I recently spent 6 amazing days with my family in Sydney and I'm breaking my entire trip up into a few parts to include more information for those of you considering visiting Sydney with your babies as well! ♥︎

This trip is Kayla's first experience with winter! Hehe even though there was no snow, the average temperature was 6degrees, insanely cold with wind chill at night. Kayla actually came down with stuffy nose on the first night and ended up crying every hour from 2am-7am omg, so we were very tired the first two days. But thank God she recovered quickly and we ended up enjoying the trip very much!

Harbour Ferry Ride

The decision to go on the harbour ferry cruise was really a last minute one haha; we went for the last available cruise and ended up with no time to get off the different wharves to walk around. It was still lovely though, Sydney is very beautiful! 

Check out ferry ride options here: 

The ride lasted for about 2hrs, so if you want to get off at the different "stations" and still be in time to catch the last ferry back to Sydney Harbour, you'd have to start early! 

We didn't stay on the upper deck for long because the wind made it really really cold.. look at Kayla's freezing face hahaha 

Trying to selfie with the sunset :D

The ride's perfect for people who want to take lots of scenic pictures of Sydney!

To be honest, I feel that the ride is pretty optional unless you are going to stop and visit one of the stations. Kayla, D and my parents ended up sleeping through half the ride lol. 

Sydney Fish Market
Lunch at Sydney Fish Market! Totally worth a visit IMO hehe; my only issue with this place is that there are too many birds flying around - I've a phobia against birds hahaha, so lunch was a little stressful for me.

More information here: 

Check out the food!! Everything there was soo fresh! Was a little sad I couldn't try all the sashimi and oysters because I'm pregnant. Have to go back again after #2 comes out hehe

The weather was also perfect on the day we went! It was very comfortable sitting by lake and eating with this view :)

Bondi Beach
Happy we visited this iconic beach :) Managed to reach just before the sunset to capture some photos and have dinner there! 

Greeted by these camels the moment we arrived! Apparently they offer camel rides by the beach on weekends :) Kayla was scared of the camels though hahaha, especially when the one closest to us suddenly stood up real high lol

D was so brave he took off his and Kayla's shoes even though it was so cold! There were other kids and surfers there running about barefoot as well haha

I actually really like these pictures from Bondi! When I saw the gloomy sky upon arrival, I was pretty sure we'd end up with no nice photos so this was a pleasant surprise heh

Passed by an ice skating performance on the way to dinner!

I know the photo doesn't look like much, but this dinner was SO GOOD. We had dinner at a quaint little italian restaurant near the beach, so yummy we ended up buying takeaway back to the hotel for supper! And look at this happy Kayla holding onto papa's ice cream cone ha

This pretty much sums up part 1 of my Sydney trip! Will post up the rest up soon ♥︎


  1. Yup, I missed so much of the Ferry ride in the Harbour!

    Sydney harbour is the jewel in downtown’s crown. Not only is it extremely picturesque, it makes for a great way of getting about the city. Jumping on one of the Sydney’s ferries is the best way to get up close with Sydney attractions even for kids. You’ll get great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from the water. It’s also the best way of getting out to Taronga Zoo or to the beach at Manly.

    Thank you for sharing your fun stories here...


  2. Do you have lunch in Chinatown Sydney?

    Chinatown’s main thoroughfare on Dixon Street is the place to go for Asian food. Most fun for kids would have to be a Yum Cha lunch and another great idea for things to do with kids Sydney. Carts filled with delicious steamed and fried dumplings make the rounds so you can pick and choose your meal as you go. Wontons filled with pork are always a winner for our little one!


  3. To my opinion, the most stunning stretch of coastline in Sydney trip is to walk from Bondi beach to Coogee beach. The walk takes about an hour and half and winds across the cliffs from beach to beach along. There are plenty of parks and playgrounds to stop at along the way. It’s not stroller-friendly or fenced the whole way so little kids will need to be carried in a pack or by parents. Watch out for migrating whales in Winter!

    Your pictures on Bondi beach are stunning!


  4. I have seen the Sydney Opera House but I have only been to Sydney a few times and for work only. It is a bizarre city and one that took me a couple of goes to enjoy it. I think it is a little more difficult to get around or maybe figure out how to walk from a to b. I do like a grid, lol. The harbours are beautiful though.


  5. Not just the Sydney Opera House but the whole Sydney & Australia overall is on my bucket list! �� Thank you for sharing all those interesting photos from various angles. I do hope to see it some day!


  6. Ah, love this town! I never get sick of going to the Opera House or that view of the Harbour Bridge



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