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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Having Kayla is my biggest milestone in life, and her future has also become my biggest concern (am sure all new parents can relate! :D) So many times I’ve wondered to myself what would I do if this or that should happen to me, who would take care of her, would she have enough to survive etc. I guess one of the most practical solutions to this is insurance! Hahaha. 

And an even better solution for fickle minded and new mums like me is FREE term life insurance for my husband and I for a year (only for Singaporeans/PR though!) so I can slowly research and decide which package is most suitable for my family while still having coverage for my little one if anything should happen to me! (Note that free term life insurance only covers the life of eligible mum and dad, not the life of the baby)

So big thank you Etiqa for offering free term insurance to newlyweds and new parents to help kick-start our financial planning!

A little background on Etiqa Insurance..

Etiqa Insurance is the insurance arm of Maybank Group. It has been providing general insurance solutions in Singapore for the past 54 years! Etiqa is the appointed insurer by Housing & Development Board for basic fire insurance since 2009 and they added life insurance to their stable of products in August 2014.

What’s The Free Term Life Insurance About?
- Etiqa is currently offering free Term Life insurance to newly-weds and to parents with children under the age of 1 year.
- This coverage lasts for 12 months.
- The plan pays out $25,000 if the life insured dies during the policy term.
- For eligible couples who are Singaporeans or PR, it means a total of $50,000 free coverage at $25,000 each
- Application must be made online via Etiqa’s website here

The aim of this promotion is to encourage young parents and couples to think about the importance of protecting their family financially should any mishap befall them! I personally think it is really important to start planning for the future early as we really never know what might happen next time.

Etiqa has also created a super cute commercial for this campaign! You can watch it here, really made me smile haha :D

So anyway, remember to sign up for your free term insurance and thank you again Etiqa for being so thoughtful to all of us new parents and newlyweds! 

 Sign up for the Free Term Insurance here!



  1. Love is the key of all kind of provisions to our young <3


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  3. What a policy...that's excellent way to help the young parents!



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