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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Toxic Friends

So one day you wake up and find yourself dreading to meet that girlfriend you used to love hanging out with. You've given her plenty of chances for "old time's sake" and yet everytime you meet her you walk off feeling like your life has been sucked out of you. 

That is a toxic friend.

Yes she was once the person you'd call in the middle of the night and cry to. The one who'd swear she'd always be on your side. The girl you can spend hours talking about nothing to.

So what happened?

I've had one or two toxic friends whom I was once close to over the years, and trust me, it took a lot to completely drift from them. Good friends are precious gifts God has given us to make our life on earth a lot happier. They are a huge part of our lives, and more often than not, it can be harder to breakup than love interests. I'm not saying you have to axe this person out of your life for eternity, maybe it's just bad timing right now and eventually if it's meant to be, you guys would be BFFs once again. 

In the meantime, here's some tips on how to identify a toxic friend:

1. Unsupportive : She never seems truly happy about anything good that happens to you, and almost always downplays your achievements or things that are important to you. 

2. Able to tweak good things that happen to her into digs at you

3. Manipulative: She's super nice to you when she wants you to find out certain information for her and then transforms back into that selfish prick after she's got what she wanted

4. Uses you as a scapegoat: In front of everybody she's agreeable to any sort of plans, and then you receive a private message from her telling you how badly she doesn't want to go and tries to convince you to accompany her, and finally make it seem like you're the reason you guys are ditching the plans

5. Inconsiderate: It does not occur to her that her demands on you are inconveniencing you, and when you do go out of your way to help her, she's rarely even grateful

6. You find yourself constantly the target of humiliating "jokes" whenever she's around

7. Due to her overly sensitive nature, you're constantly on eggshells around her afraid of saying the wrong thing 

8. She is not what she seems, and you're the only one who knows the ugly side. Eg: She'd portray a sincere image to the friend she dislikes who's going through a tough time and secretly tells you she thinks that friend deserves all the terrible things he/she is going through

Do you have any other tips on how to identify a toxic friend? Do share!
I hope this was helpful ♥

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  1. I can safely say that this is one of the most interesting posts I've read this month. I really did enjoy reading this post and thanks for the advice, Audrey. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for these so-called toxic friends. x

    LUCID STARS // Bloglovin'


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